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According to Ivancevich (2004), the following has to be taken into consideration when developing an effective safety management program.Develop an Objective: To minimize financial losses for the organization through negligence and avoiding unnecessary accidents in the workplace. Develop a program and support materials that can achieve objectives and support the organization risk management program. Additionally, develop the program in such a manner of functioning to meet regulatory safety requirements, safety training and awareness requirements, and provide detailed safety performance on the organization.Identify the problems: The major causes of occupational accidents are: task, working condition, and nature of employees. Continuing on with the process of implementing a safety management program. My next phase of implementing a safety program would be to initiate an analysis of the out going safety officer program. My primary concern conducting this analysis would be to insure the organization was in compliance with all current standing state and federal regulation/policies regarding Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This Act states: that employers must provide job safety and health protection for workers through the promotion of safe and healthful working conditions throughout the nation. Most accidents are caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals, unsafe machinery, and poorly maintained equipment. The above mention causes have the potential that can lead to injuries such as: hearing loss, body parts; cuts, bruises, loss of eyesight, sprains, broken bones, electric shock, and sometimes even death. Also I would review the human aspect which is a major contributor in the causes of accidents such as: working hours, leading to fatigue, noise level, improper lighting, boredom; illicit drug usage, operating machinery; intoxication, employee safety training and/on equipment, horse playing and fighting. Review the books on safety awareness training for supervisors/ management, production of a safety newsletter, review if any, database of injured employees, and employee incentive program. A significant area of importance that would also require attention and is not factored in to the human cost is the hidden costs of accidents; damage to equipment, cost of replacement personnel, time cost for management to investigate and report the accident and /or illness.Gather Information: Safety has a direct impact on the well being of the employees. As a newly appointed safety director I would start by researching all pertinent data in reference to the current OSHA regulation regarding safety in the work place. The success of the program will ultimately rests primarily on how well employees and managers follow and comply with safety rules and regulations. As the author John Ivancevich (2004), HRM indicated, about 15 workers are killed in American workplaces each day. Additionally, during the year 2000, 5, 915 people died as a result of work - related...

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