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Developing A Successful Slamball Facility Essay

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Developing a Successful Slamball Facility

I want to bring a multi-purpose Slamball facility to Atlanta’s everyday athletes. I would like to attract college students, weekend warriors, and everyday athletes. Once I have attracted these people to my facility I will begin leagues and televised games.

Slamball is a high flying and high intensity game, which comprises elements of basketball and football. The athletic concepts are the same but applied to Slamball in a different manner. There are four players for each team on the court at all times, four separate trampolines on each side of the court, a fenced in court, and plenty of head gear and padding to go around. Slamball is meant to catch the viewer’s eye and give them an unmatched adrenaline rush.

Slamball was invented in Los Angeles, California by a man named Mason Gordon in 2002. It is presently being televised by Spike TV, and is produced by Tollins and Robbins of Hollywood, California. Slamball has been a raging success amongst teenagers and the fine athletes around the United States.

The facility will include two Slamball courts, one regular basketball court, a concession stand, a trophy room, two weight rooms, one training room, two locker rooms, a walking track, moveable stands for viewing, and offices for the employees.

The city of Atlanta is were I plan to spring Slamball. To be more exact I plan to have it inside the perimeter loop. In order for the multi-purpose facility to work it must be centralized within the city. Once the facility is centralized I should be able to attract the morning workers, teenagers, and the fine athletes of Atlanta.

The Slamball business plan will detail start up expenses, year one projected earnings, year one projected expenses, market analysis summary, targeted market segments, personal budget, investing options, and the interest rates for short term loans.

Investment options are rather slim for private facilities like the multi-purpose Slamball facility. Public funding is not an option for investment since it is not a state owned building. My venture will undertake private investors for its start up and continuous funding. I will attempt to receive funding in exchange for shares of the company. If that does not work than I will seek out loans from banking institutions.
Demographic research is the nuts and bolts of a successful business. In order for a business to be successful it must have a class or classes to which it caters too. The business must know the how long the drive is for it clients to their business. Slamball will research the clients within a 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute drive-time interval.
Slamball will also attempt to learn the median income, disposable income, and total population of its selected classes. The demographic research will lead Slamball to good marketing opportunities.

Choosing the correct marketing streams will be what brings Slamball to the public eye.
Slamball will attempt to reach teenage...

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