Developing Business Skills: Report.

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1. Summary.1.1 This report looks at seven Key Skills. I have identified my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for these Key Skills. I have implemented a strategy to improve each of the Key Skills by working on one of my weaknesses. I have created a plan for the improvement of the skill, and illustrated ways in which I will monitor the progress I make. I have provided examples of work in the Appendix, and referred to them in the body of the report.2. Introduction.2.1 This report looks at 7 main Key Skills. These Key Skills are defined in the main textbook for this unit, 'Business Students Handbook' written by Sheila Cameron. These key skills act as a benchmark for the Higher Education's Quality Assurance Authority (QAA). All undergraduate degree programs are measured against these key skills.2.2 Key Skills are vital for everyone. Whether you are studying or working. There are many different key skills, which cover different types of knowledge and understanding. I am going to look at 7 key skills, which fall under one of two distinct categories, Personal Attributes and Interactive Attributes.2.3 I will look at each Key Skill in turn, assessing my current ability and then, using different methods suitable for that particular skill, plan to improve on an aspect of the skill. I will present all of my findings and use evidence to support this. I will make use of work from my current studies to illustrate the findings.3. Introduction to the seven Key Skills.3.1 Key Skill 1 - Improve my own learning and performance.As the popular phrase suggests, we 'learn something new everyday'. This can be considered to be true as there is an infinite amount of information in the world for us to learn. One person could never know everything there is to know. From this analysis, you can conclude that there must be many different methods of learning and skills that accompany each different method.There are simple things that a person learns, such as, how to ride a bike and how to use cutlery. Then there are the more complex things to learn such as becoming a doctor. The first, simple example, illustrates learning that would be carried out by a small child, more than likely taught by his or her parents. The second example, however illustrates learning that can only be achieved by studying at school and then University.To improve on your own learning and performance, a person must first understand what preferred learning style they have. (See Learning Styles Inventory in section 8.1.1) Then they must adapt to the other learning styles, if required, and alter the ways in which they currently learn, in order to achieve they're set objective (Source - Key Skills: Making a difference).3.2 Key Skill 2 - Improve my communication.There are two main elements to communication, written and oral. Both elements are equally important and are used in everyday life, by all (Source - Key Skills: making a difference).Written communication can be in the form of letters,...

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