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Communication skills are vital to the manager’s success. A manager must be an effective communicator to lead people. Assessing your communication skills is the key to your success; nevertheless, most people fail to recognize the role communication plays. When assessing your communication abilities, it is essential to review your interpersonal communication skills.
Interpersonal skills are the most crucial skill that is needed to be an effective manager. Interpersonal communication skills are a ‘type of supportive communication that is the key to empowering people and motivating others to become more effective and efficient employees” (South University Online, 2011, p. 1). Supportive communication is beneficial in communicating both “honestly and accurately, it can preserve or enhance your personal, and professional relationships while providing information and resolving issues with your counterparts” (South University Online, p.1). In this essay, I will us the eight principles of supportive communication (problem oriented, congruence, descriptive, validates, specific, conjunctive, owned, and supportive listening) to reflect how a conversation with my daughter was impacted by my communication style.
Synopsis of the Conversation
My 13-year-old daughter was attending a friend birthday party. When she came into the den to let me know that she was leaving with her friend and parent, I must have given a strange look or appeared to look angry. She wanted to know why I was looking at her like that. I responded by pointing out that I felt her outfit was inappropriate to wear because it was too short and revealing for her age. She should choose another outfit to wear. My daughter pointed out that she had borrowed from one of her friends to wear to the party. My daughter through communication was able to solve this in a rational manner without total chaos.
Problem Oriented
Pointing out to my daughter that her outfit was inappropriate that this is problem oriented supportive communication. Whetten and Cameron (2005) states that problem oriented focuses on problems and solutions instead of personal traits (p.223). If I had implied that I did not like the way you dress that would be personal opinion without telling her it was age inappropriate. Such behavior can lead to a “deterioration of the relationship rather than to problem solving” (Kettl & Fesler, 2005, p. 224).
Congruence supportive communication is significant for it is the superior of the interpersonal communities and relationship. Congruence is “what is communicated verbally and nonverbally matches” (Whetten & Cameron, 2005, p. 224). This is an area that I admit that I problems with. My facial expression sometimes can say opposite of what I say. I tend to refrain from saying something; consequently, my expression may say otherwise. My daughter probably saw my frustration or anger even when I did say it. Such behavior leads to distrust. As a manger, I most definitely do not...

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