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Developing corporate culture can help to bind together members of the team as they internalize the values of the particular corporate culture. Individuals entering the project for the first times are initiated into the culture in various ways, sometimes through a planned programmed of induction, and identify with this culture which then influences their behavior. As a consequence, all will act in the desired way regardless of and in the absence of any sanction or incentive. However neither is necessary in an enterprise with strong corporate cultures. Clearly it is not just a matter of any behavior. In an ideal world, culture should encourage: • Strategic thinking at every level of the organization • Employees to be entrepreneurial, not just managerial • Creativity rather than simply carrying out instructions • A cooperative effort to formulate and implement the strategy.

In your mind, how important is creative thinking within an organization or business?
It is a vital aspect of any creative activity, since creative thinking means thinking outside the normal boundaries. If a new idea is to change behavior, it needs to be argued out in the forum of the enterprise where there will inevitably be those who cannot agree. However any proposals for change almost always invites conflict of some kind, hostility from those opposed to a new way of thinking or to change as such. Any action resulting from creative thinking follows a process of persuading others to agree and support the action resulting disagreement is not necessarily damaging to the organization.

How much is creativity valued in your organization?
Managers must sometimes play the role of entrepreneur; they must add value to be entrepreneurial in their attitudes, confronting the need to innovate as part of strategy making. There is a considerable overlap between the role of manager and entrepreneurs. Finally both entrepreneurs and good managers must display creativity, sometimes of a very high value. Entrepreneurs are sometimes understood rather than plain managers, for not having the time or the leaning to make strategies be clearer.

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