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Developing Customer Loyalty At Chelmsford Star Cooperative Society... The Use Of Smart Cards

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1.Consider the research findings and make recommendations about a future strategy for Starcard. Your recommendations should suggest potential areas for development and consolidationStarcard the smart card being used by the Chelmsford Star Co-operative society is one of its initiatives to improve its customer loyalty. But Starcard is not being used to its full potential to justify the investments made in it.The 500 club members have some knowledge about its potential and the introduction of the card has helped in increasing spending at the store, therefore reinforcing the brand loyalty in customers. But in the lower categories this was not seen. All the people had joined the bandwagon because of the dividend scheme.Recommendations*Reduce the number of initial investment categoriesoMaximum of four categories should be present because in six categories there is no significant difference in the number of points or dividend earned except in the 500 pounds categories.o The number of points and the dividend earned for the card with £1 investment should be reduced so that people are enticed to purchase the smart cards with higher investments.oThe food center should earn the minimum points in the £ 1 investment card and there should be a sharp hike in the number of points that a person is enticed to take the next higher level.Modified Reward and Investment StructureInvestment levels£1£50£200£500Food Center 153060100Department Store103050100Motor Services 103050100Travel 3%5%10%15%Funeral Services 3%5%7%10%*Educate the users on the various applications of the smart cards.oAll the users are right now being attracted towards the system because of the dividend and discount policy. Therefore steps should be taken to educate the users about the system. This can be done throughCustomer relationship representatives explaining the users about the utilities of smart cardsDisplays featuring pictorial representation of how smart card is useful.\*Extensive use of smart card in electronic purse systemoRight now the use of smart cards for transactions is very less. The store should try to make extensive use of this feature because it is going to ease the method of payment.oUsers can buy cards with certain value and this could be used to make purchases and after purchases for the entire amount has been made the consumer can refill his card at the store.*Have an extra points scheme for the people who advocate for the card and are able to get new customers for the store.*Tie up with other establishments :oHave tie ups with petrol pumps, parking lots, restaurants etc. where the stores consumer can...

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