Development Process Of Breast Cancer Cells

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The purpose of this essay is to identify the processes through which breast cancer cells develop and to discuss the pathology and methods diagnosing as well as various treatments available. Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer among American women, producing more than forty thousand fatalities annually Mohammad et al. The malignant tumors are made up of different sets of observable sets of characteristics that resulted from the interactions between the various breast cancer cells genotype and the environment. Mohammad et al. used samples in which breast cancer cells from human donors were grown in mice with depressed immune system. Result of the study indicated that a lower proportion of breast cancer cell were able to produce tumors. They succeeded in differentiating between cells capable of forming tumor and the ones that were not tending to form tumors as a result of cell surface marker indicator. They recognized and separated tumor initiating CD44 and CD24 cell lineage in eight out of nine participants. Less than one hundred cell with these sets of observable features that indicate contact between genotypes and environment developed tumors in mice, in comparison with the fact that thousands of cells with different variations of the characteristics did not produce tumors. The Tumor initiating subpopulation was able to progress in series. Being able to recognize tumor causing cancer cells will enable experts discover means to regulate their progression. Moreover, due to the fact that these cells make the development of tumor feasible, plans of action against these cancer cells may result in effective therapies (Mohammad Al-Hajj, 2002).
Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in cells of the breast. Malignant tumor is a class of cancer cell that can proliferate and metastasize from the tissue of origin to farther areas of the body. It is most often diagnose in women but in rare cases, men are diagnosed with the disease. Approximately 178,480 new breast cancer cases would be diagnosed in 2007 (Ame) (V. Cataja, 2008). The age-adjusted yearly diagnoses of breast cancer in European Union member countries are estimated to be 110.3/100,000 and the rate of fatalities is 25/100,000. The increase in these diagnoses is attributable to mammographic screening and population that is older (Ame). Metastatic breast cancer has continued to cause major fatalities regardless of improvements that have taken place in methods of diagnoses and management. This is due to decline in the effectiveness of current treatments caused by the appearance of recalcitrant therapy-resistant mutations in cancer cells. Consequently, it is impossible to cure metastatic breast cancer using the prevailing treatment methods. Cancers are thought to manifest in sequence of serial mutations that result from unstable genetic and environmental factors (source). Understanding the effect of these mutations on the fundamental biology of this new and abnormal cell growth...

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