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Development Of The World Without Religion

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When people question the existence and emergence of planet Earth through science, what is discovered is that there are no generic answers. The conversation will erupt into a never-ending debate and get into the vexing, and sometimes violent, interpretations based on one’s beliefs. What can be answered is what goes on inside the geographical world. My topic of research is not the geography that is tested in the second grade, when a teacher asks a student to point to where London is on a map. In fact, I will be focusing in on the urban geography development, because it is a development, which is less obvious to an average ignorant and inexperienced individual. On the contrary, Professionals who plan out many different cities and different agglomerations throughout various parts of the world are the only ones who can succeed at creating these developments. Some of the categories involved with urban geography include the success and downfalls of cities and metropolises as a whole, suburbanization, and impacts on class.
When we see cities collapse and metropolises collapse we are all of the sudden in shock and become a frightened nation. Every major newspaper company and magazine becomes interested in going to these cities and acting like they are involved with the recovery and the “what do we do next” committee. It is mind-boggling how no one sees what is happening in major cities. When they collapse, or are beginning to collapse, we as a nation begin to play the blame game. We are a nation that is united so that means we take responsibility for any and everything that happens to this great place, from the worst-to-best-case scenarios.
Times magazine made an issue directing most, if not all, of their issue about the Detroit scenario. For those who do not know already Detroit is a city in Michigan and a huge metropolis that has thrived for many years. One of the many reasons, and the main flaw, why this city thrived was because it was the host to a huge auto industry and transportation network. Companies were booming and anchoring the city to become a very populous and economically successful city across the entire United States of America. It peaked as the number 4th largest city for three straight decades. Detroit left many cities in awe because when they began rolling cars of the lots that’s when freeways and highways were being built and began connecting metropolises to other metropolises. Thanks to companies like General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler; Detroit is now (or was) viewed as the Motor City and the companies are known as the Detroit Three.
How could a city that is so relied on for cars by the America we know today end up in ruin and bankruptcy today? Times magazine is the magazine that is extremely ahead of its time and provides issues that produce people to become emotionally connected with whatever it is they are covering. When it came to the issue distributed in August of 2013 that read “Detroit- Now a Ghost Town” exhibited a showing...

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