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Developing People And Performance Essay

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United Technology Corporation (UTC) carries out business all over the world. The company is highly committed to developing the career of its employees at work and also outside the work environment. Of the amazing offer of UTC is the ability to promote employees’ education. In this case, the company offers scholarships that aid their employee to study degree courses at the fields of personal choice. The department of UTC Fire and Security recruits and inducts 43,000 people in all the twenty five countries. The department provides system integration, setups and related services for various kinds of alarms, control panels, and digital recording surveillance cameras. In addition to this, the department offers monitoring and response to various security services and manufactures fire related equipments and products (Chubb).
Human resource managers in UTC are charged with the responsibilities of strategic development, creation of employment plans, offering any kind of advice to senior and line managers when need arises, structure the mechanism of the reward scheme, effective involvement in the updating of the relevant employee database, carrying out the need analysis for the employees, maintaining effective employee relationships, undertaking efficient career development, and undertaking various projects as they come up ( Chubb 2009).
Michael (1995) argues that performance management consists of five major components. These components include: motivation of employees, effective performance appraisal, well structured promotion guidelines, extensive guidance and counseling, and effective poor performance address. Motivation acts as the power driver for employees, on the other hand, performance appraisal evaluates personal performance with reference to earlier decisions on the objectives of work. This in turn enforces the human resource development to be efficient in carrying out its activities.
Chubb employees had various needs which included setting of individual and team goals, individual performance evaluation, and conflict management. These needs were identified through the use of structured evaluation forms. These forms had to be completed by the supervisors and the employees. The forms thus acted as an aid in the design of the structure that was to be used in meeting the needs of employees. The implementation program of meeting the needs of employees consisted of employee training. This led to formulation of a program of holding performance feedback meetings twice a year. This helped the employees to gain the necessary knowledge on how to handle various issues in matters of conflict, and setting realistic goals. In addition to this, an operation plan was formulated (Be the Best n.d).
Goal setting was identified as a need because there was a desire to improve the overall performance and individual performance at the same time. This would enable the employees to feel part and parcel of the organization and consequently motivate them. On the...

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