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Developing Skills For Language Acquisition Essay

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Associate Professor Steluta Stan, PhD Associate Professor Steluta Stan, PhD Associate Professor Steluta Stan
"Dunarea de Jos" University of GalatiFaculty of LettersDeveloping SkillsforLanguage Acquisition(A Practical Course in English Languagefor 2nd Year Students)CONTENTS1 Tenses of the Indicative - Exercises 52 Reading Comprehension and/or Writing 172.1 Romanian Sources 172.2 English Sources 242.2.1 Lyrics 242.2.2 Issues of Today's Society 272.3 Text Correction 373 Listening Comprehension and/or Speaking 383.1 Topics for Conversation 383.2 Documentaries and Films 414 Final Tasks and Tests 421 TENSES OF THE INDICATIVEI. Rewrite each of the following sentences so that the meaning stays the same; use Present Tense Simple and/or Continuous.James has the irritating habit of borrowing money from people and never returning it back. James is...I have made arrangements to eat out with my office mates tonight. I...We are forced to use only cold water today as the hot water pipe in the basement is being fixed. We...My cousin is used to driving to school as she really hates public transportation. My cousin usually...What about celebrating our deal? How...I really have no clue whose car this is. I really have no clue who...The eldest son starts mowing the lawn whenever I drop by my neighbour's. Whenever...My family are planning to spend this summer vacation in Austria. My family...She is at the doctor to have her tonsils removed. She is...Your entire house smells of fish. There...II. Circle the underlined phrase which best completes each sentence.Till's gibbets soup tastes/is tasting delicious but mother is tasting/tastes it again just to make sure it is not too salty.I love/am loving spending my free time partying and as far as this party is concerned I love/am loving every minute of it.He is so weird; he hears/is hearing things day and night but when I send him on an errand he doesn't hear/is not hearing me.The judge hears/is hearing the key witness tomorrow morning and I don't see/am not seeing why, as to my mind, it's not the right time.I hear/am hearing from Tim a lot these days and he is keen on learning whether Mary sees/is seeing his father.Thalia thinks/is thinking it right not to sell her car yet but her father thinks/is thinking of doing it behind her back.My little son looks/is looking at that clown and is telling me that he looks/is looking very funny.Jane smells/is smelling the roses her boyfriend has just given her and she is happy as they smell/are smelling very nice.I don't mind/am not minding if your sister minds/is minding our little daughter while we are away as we've got nobody else to do it.Janice considers/is considering moving into a new flat this winter but her parents don't consider/are not considering it prudent to let her do as she wishes.III. Rewrite each of the following sentences so that the meaning stays the same and paying attention to Past Tense Simple, Past Perfect Simple and Past Perfect Continuous. Do not alter the...

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