Developing Strategy To Improve Road Safety

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Mid Term Exam (A0109493Y)
Part A \ Q1. The top 4 key stakeholders are as follows:
1. Businesses/ Employers in City Z
The main interest of businesses/ employers in city Z is to gain profits for owners/ shareholders. Regarding the issue of wage increase, they will tend to raise an objection because the policy will create an extra cost to their businesses and go against their interests to have more profit. They have a strong political influence because they provide jobs in the city and move the local economy. For big business companies, they may use their resources to influence lawmakers or media to go against the policy.
2. Employee in City Z
For employees/ workers in city Z, they have strong ...view middle of the document...

They have strong political importance in the city because they have the rights to voice their opposition and shape the implementation of the policy.
5. Local Media
Local Media has an interest to report the current issues in city Z. They have a power to influence the policy because they can frame the issue and influence the perception of public. Their main instrument is their report/ publication about the issue. They should have an independent view on the issue but their opinions and reports may depend on many factors, such as the interest of media owners, source of incomes (who pay the advertisement), or basic ideological platform of those media.
In conclusion, the mayor should make a thoughtful political calculation before raise the minimum wage in city Z. The mayor should know his political strengths and weaknesses, whether he has enough political supports and resources to launch the policy and sustain it. Furthermore, he should be ready to defend the policy and calculate consequences of the policy.
Q2. Four criteria to use in the policy analysis:
1. Legality
Legality is the most important criteria to analyze the policy to raise minimum wage level in city Z because the policy should not violate constitutional, statutory or common law rights. The formulation process should produce a policy outcome that is in accordance with the law. Only when the policy is in accordance with the law, then the mayor will have a chance to propose that policy to local parliament and public.
2. Political Acceptability
Political feasibility is very important criteria because without enough political support, it is impossible to launch and implement the policy. Therefore, the mayor should make sure that the policy will have a strong political back up and support to ensure the successful initiation and implementation of the policy.
3. Robustness
The policy to raise minimum wages should fit the robustness criteria. It means that the policy can be adopted in reality and will survive under the current economic, political and social condition in city Z.
4. Equity
The last criteria is equity. Equity is important factor to get a strong supports from many different stakeholders and public in general. The policy implementation should be based on equity principle (applicable to all labors without discrimination). Furthermore, the outcome after the implementation of the policy should also ensure the equity of people’s welfare or at least can reduce inequality of income with strong support for low income workers.
Q3. I disagree with the statement that policy analysis is not important and unnecessary. The reasons are as follows:
1. While neighboring cities have all increased their minimum wages and the media seems to support the policy, it does not necessarily mean that the policy in other city can be copied, promoted and implemented swiftly in city Z. The economic, social and political conditions in every city is unique and have their own characteristics.
2. Policy...

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