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Developing Through The Life Span Essay

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Prenatal Development and the newborn: The focal point of this section was conception and the development of life before birth. I’ve read that every woman is born with a number of eggs that will later be released. Out of that number 1 in 5,000
eggs will essentially mature. Contrary to women, a man begins producing sperm at puberty, which gradually decreases along with age. During the actual conception, over 200 million sperms head towards the egg and try to break through. One is successful, the rest aren’t.

The following section focused on prenatal development. Prenatal development is …… I learned about Zygotes (fertilized egg’s), the Embryo (the zygote’s inner cells), and the fetus (the embryo after 9 weeks)is the . More specifically, the zygotes are the first cell organism’s that are produced. The embryo is a cell before it completes fertilization and becomes a fetus. And the fetus is an embryo at a more advanced stage of development. I’ve learned that by 6 month’s it is possible for the baby to survive if born prematurely.

During pregnancy it is very important to pay close attention to what you intake. Especially thing’s like teratogens “ harmful agent’s such as viruses and drug’s” in which the placenta will not be able to stop from harming the baby. Drinking during pregnancy is associated with a variety of problems in the offspring. “Alcohol enters the fetal bloodstream in approximately the same concentrations present in the mother’s blood.” I’ve read that the child could one day become addicted to alcohol because of the mother introducing it to the child as a fetus. I’ve also learned that “1 in 800 infants are affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” , (FAS) . “FAS can cause birth defects and mental retardation. It can cause “ (Placeholder1)head and lifelong brain abnormalities ”.

Another harmful substance that would be considered a teratogen is nicotine. Smoking during pregnancy I s hazardous! It has been linked to some 115,000 miscarriages and 5,600 infant deaths a year as well as to atopic pregnancy. I’ve learned the babies born by mothers who smoke cigarettes aren’t as healthy, they...

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