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Gianina Hospedales

The now developed countries were never underdeveloped although they
may have been undeveloped. Discuss

What is development? Development is economic independence from foreign
powers. Countries such as the United States and The United Kingdom can
be considered as ‘developed’ countries. The most important obstacle to
development is political: Governments believe that they could manage
economic development better than the free market. Most Third World
countries for e.g. the Caribbean, lack investment capital. Private
entrepreneurs prefer to invest in safer markets of the West than in
their own countries. According to Andre Gunder Frank, “Third world
countries may be undeveloped at the start, but they have never been
underdeveloped at the start. They were undeveloped in comparison with
developed, but they were never underdeveloped. They were created into
underdevelopment.” Today's ‘underdeveloped’ countries are faced with a
world economy dominated by the developed capitalist countries. This
must affect their development. According to Frank, the only thing that
drives the international capitalist system is the search of profit,
and this is pursued at the cost of everything else.

Third World countries are over dependent on one or two primary
products for example; basically all countries in the Caribbean depend
on advanced industrialized countries for electronic products such as
TVs and cars or for food products. Some theorists believed that
economic growth in the “First world” countries did not necessarily
lead to growth and development in the poorer countries. The poorer
countries are those in regions such as Latin America, Africa and Asia
who have a small income and heavily rely on the export of a single
product for foreign exchange revenue. Raul Prebisch states that ‘third
world’ countries exported primary products or minerals to the ‘first
world’ countries such as oil, bauxite, sugar etc who then manufacture
the products because of lack of resources in those countries and then
it is sold back to the poorer countries.

Underdevelopment is an active part of impoverishment as a result of
development which means that some parts of the world become
underdeveloped because others are developed. Economic growth in ‘first
world’ countries created the ‘third world’ poverty....

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