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It is relevant especially for the purpose of this essay to briefly describe how Britain and its officials amalgamated both the Southern and Northern Nigeria for political and economic reasons. The move to establish and maintain a colonial presence in Nigeria began in 1898 when the British colonialists used all the resources within their disposal to overcome and subdue the numerous ethnicities now called Nigeria. The British colonialists ensured that everything seen as obstacles and oppositions to the takeover, increase and consolidation of their control over the area referred to as Nigeria was removed. This eventually paved way for the 1914 amalgamation of both the Southern and Northern regions of Nigeria and allowed the British government to be the ruling power over the new entity, Nigeria. In this essay, Nigeria (a former colony of the British government) would be used as the case study.

It is almost impossible to have a meaningful and effective debate on contemporary Nigerian political economic issues without critically looking at some of their links either directly or indirectly with certain patterns of British colonial occupation and administration in Nigeria. This essay focuses on some emerging or re-emerging political economic developments and challenges in the present-day Nigeria which are partly or majorly accounted for by the policies of the British colonialism in Nigeria. Specifically, the essay critically looks at some of the complications and benefits presently seen or experienced in Nigerian political space as a result of the British colonial political arrangement and policies introduced either consciously or unconsciously while ruling the Nigerian colony. It also critically analyses the economic implications and gains of the British colonial agricultural and industrial policies on the current Nigerian state. Despite the exposure of some Nigeria agricultural commodities (cash crops) to international markets, these policies did not create a platform or basis for modern-day economic prosperity and advancement. Rather, it laid the foundation for Nigeria’s current economic situation that is structurally defective and driven fundamentally by external factors and indicators at the detriment of internally-oriented contributors. The essay concludes by highlighting some of the positive heritages of British colonial occupation and administration in Nigeria while also emphasizing some of the challenges facing the country today that are traceable to certain fundamental policies of British colonialism.

There are changes (minor or major) obviously in both the political and economic institutions in the present-day Nigeria relative to the colonial administration period. Despite these changes, there are clear forms and signals of some colonial political economic ideologies that are still being perpetuated in the Nigerian state.

The reincarnation of the British colonial occupation and...

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