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Development Of The Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan

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If I say Afghanistan, then what do some people will reflect about Afghanistan? The answer is obvious that most of people will think about blood, combat and destroyed places. It is fact that Afghanistan is not a developed country, but still people can see some obvious progress in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been under the governor of many countries for thirty years. At first British come to Afghanistan in order to colonize India then Russia came in Afghanistan for the same purpose, and finally Taliban came and made Afghanistan ground of war. Afghanistan was an industrialized country, everyone was happy and they lived in peace, but now it has changed a lot, even the people and the nature of my country, my father used to tell me. In recent history, Afghanistan has made some progress in development such as, economic, social and education. There is some reasons that pace and extent development of Afghanistan and we can see some impediments of development in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan has developed in some obvious ways that most of the people can see, and they know. There is some social development by making some programs that most of these programs has been started in 2002 and till now it helps lots of people in many ways such as having a good life and job. In this project Agha Khan start to distribute seeds in order to improve agriculture and productivity. After all these Agha Khan started mobilizing and partnering with some big communities to help development of Afghanistan from different ways by making and building different and new things. Agha Khan build communities for organizing some projects such as, water supply, irrigation, roads, schools, health centres and natural resources management(). After fall of Taliban, Afghanistan has remain one of the poorest countries in the world that most of people live in poverty (USAID). USAID helped Afghanistan in business ways, investment, developing a private sector, land management, financial service, mining and the ways of employing. USAID has helped people to create farms and non- forms in order to create job for people and give them confidence in their own government, Irrigation. It has made people of Afghanistan to know about marketing and how to earn money from selling things. It has taught many men and women that how to start business and how to be a good business men or women. “Over the past decade, USAID has helped establish 125 business associations (including 27 women-owned) and supported more than 250 associations with grants for equipment, capacity building, and improving member services.” (Government growth: USAID)
As most of the people know that Afghanistan is a wealthy country. The reason for this is that Afghanistan is a mountainous country. There are many resources in most of that mountains. This is one of the hopes that may help Afghanistan to be a developed country after some years. USAID has supported the gemstone sector in many ways such as how to cut the stones and also how to polish...

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