Development Of An 8 Year Old

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At the age of eight a child's mind develops many ways, including many language skills that help them develop into an adult. At the age of 8 children love to play games with words and know how to spell many words. Even though they can spell many words, they don't necessarily know what they mean. Children in there school age years enjoy having fun and showing others what they can do. In the 3rd grade, boys and girls are able to classify items that can be put in distinct categories. They can number, relate and can explain in words what they are doing and why. Children learn new words through many ways, t.v, books, conversations with others, school atmosphere and the family environment. At the age of 8 more children are adapted to spoken language rather then written language, just because they are influenced very much by television and the media.Childrens mental growth begins at the age of 6 and in some 7. Children at a 3rd grade level dont need to be motivated to learn, because they themselves are so curious that they are willing to try new things. To an eight year old relating means that he can touch certain things, feel and see and has personal meaning. Eight years old tend to be creative in art and will experiment when it comes to drawing and other ways of showing there talents. They understand the concept of time and can understand it more when its compared to something they can relate to, like a seed turning into a flower.The moral development of an 8 year old leans towards the rules of behavior, reward and punishment. They know the difference between right and wrong. They assume that they will get something for a job well done and most 8 year olds dig for praise. They know that if something wrong is done a punishment of some sort usually follows right after.Patrick loves to involve himself in many activities that help him develop cognitively. He loves to read books, learn new words and drawing. Patrick loves to draw people and animals and colors well in the lines. When Patrick has done something wrong he knows that he will get grounded. When Patrick does something right like in school he gets an allowance that he can spend anything on in the variety store. Patrick knows how to tell time and owns his own watch. Patrick knows how to count to 1000 in english and in french he can count to 100.Physical development is very important in 8 year olds. Hygienic routines helps a child feel and become more independent. Eights year olds have good bathing habits and some are more independent earlier then others. Parents like when there children bathe at least 3 to 4 times a week. Most eight year olds aren't too fussy about their necks, ears and or back, just because they can't see them Most eight year olds, mostly girls wash their hands before meals as a reflex action. Many eight year olds dress themselves with lots of speed however don't like having their clothes chosen for them. Much eight year olds are past the bed wetting stage, however the few that...

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