Development Of Math The Power Of Mathematical Symbols

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Mathematics just as anything else innovated in our society is based upon the needs of mankind. As our society became more and more complex so did our need for mathematics. To simplify all branches of mathematics, symbols were adopted to express formulas and represent constants. In particular, Albert Einstein created one of the most famous formulas known to man today. This formula that has been cherished in the many fields of science for years is nothing other than E=mc2. In addition to one of Einstein’s most recognizable achievements to date, in this essay the symbol $3m will be discussed in great detail as well. Representing the largest physics prize to date, this gives physicists more ...view middle of the document...

As well as this, the fact that this has made such a major contribution to all of physics when at first was not praised is why I personally chose this formula since I find it interesting that such brilliance was laughed and mocked at first. This goes to show that anything you do in life may be not seen through the same eyes when looked at first, but when looked at closely and justified the world as we know can change just from one small simple equation. I found this very inspiring and Einstein goes to show that if you follow your heart and put enough effort into something anything is possible.
Now let us go into detail on what exactly “E=mc2” even means and why it is so important to science today. Simply put, mass (m) and kinetic energy (E) are equal, since the speed of light (c2) is at a constant rate. In other words, mass can be changed into energy, while energy can be changed into mass. The production of nuclear energy, in which particles are smashed and their energy is capture, demonstrates the process. In addition, E=mc2 was Einstein’s product of special relativity, which is limited to objects that are moving at a constant speed in a straight line, called inertial motion. This theory of special relativity was adopted by few physicists at the time, but in time pervaded physics and formed the bases of what we know today as quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics changed the way all physicists thought about matter by explaining basic atomic structure and the interactions between them. Einstein’s publication of 1905 is what gave remarkable insights in all of science and gave him the title of being simply put, a genius.
Alternatively, let us discuss what the symbol “$3m” means. No not just $3 million, but it is a fundamental physics prize that Russian billionaire Yuri Milner established in July of 2012 that would be given with an award of $3,000,000 each to nine physicists. These lucky and inspirational physicists of our time include well-recognized cosmologists, Alan Gruth, Andrei Linde, Juan Maldacena, Edward Witten, and many others. These selected physicists constitute now a committee that are to select future candidates of the award. In 2013, Alexander Polyakov was given the $3m fundamental physics prize for his work in quantum field theory and string theory. Just recently, in December 2013 the 2014 awardees, John Schwarz of Caltech and Michael Green of Cambridge, were announced. In the same year, Milner partnered with Google founder Sergey Brin, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma to establish the “Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences”. Just in December of 2013 the first 11 awardees were announced including David Botstein (mapping disease using DNA polymorphisms), Titia de Lange (research of telomeres), Eric Lander (analysis of human genome), and Shinya Yamanaka (inducing pluripotent stem cells). Recently, Milner has teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to expand the awards in the field of mathematics. These...

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