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Development Of Pyramids Essay

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Pyramids are one of the Ancient Architectural structures known to man. They were built as tombs for pharaohs and queens. To a layman, when a pyramid is being made mention of, one automatically assume the Egyptians. Although one of the trademarks of the Egyptians was the pyramid, the Mesopotamians were the first to construct a step-like pyramid structure. These platform-raised buildings were known as Ziggurats. The ziggurat was the major architectural structure for the founders of the Mesopotamian civilization (3500 and 3000 B.C.E); “the Sumerians.” Ziggurats were constructed using sun-dried baked stones that prevented it from lasting longer like the pyramids in Egypt. The most famous of them all was the ziggurat of King Urnammu at Ur in Iraq. The lower levels of the ziggurats are covered with planted trees and dirt just to give it a mountainous effect. There is a belief that the gods lived on mountains thereby bringing the worshippers closer to heaven. Back then, only powerful priests were allowed to go inside the ziggurats.
The most famous pyramids are found in Egypt, there are also known as the great pyramids. There were constructed with hard stone, glazed with limestone. This was a time on reflection of the old Kingdom in Egypt (2686-2181 B.C.E) on their political, and social stability. Although it may have been rumored that the slaves were responsible for the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, it was later confirmed that it was an effort from various craftsmen and builders in general. This great accomplishment proves that the Egyptians were united.
In the old kingdom, before the construction of pyramids was the existence of structured tombs to bury highly placed people especially the royalties. Unlike the triangular pyramids, mastabas were rectangular, flat-topped (chk synony) structures with sloping sides. The main reason Egyptians buried this people in tombs then placed in the Mastaba was because Egyptians believed in the after-life. The mastabas were regarded as “the house of the soul.” The most famous mastaba (). When Djoser was the king of Egypt, an architect at that time named Imhotep constructed the six-step pyramid. That was how the construction of pyramids began.
Pyramids are constructed from hard limestone masonry. Inside the pyramids are various burial chambers where the body of the pharaoh that has already been mummified is placed. Alongside this tombs are valuable items that is supposed to accompany the pharaohs to the afterlife. The idea of the triangular shape of the pyramids was because Egyptians believed...

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