Development Of Setting And Suspense In The Withered Arm By Thomas Hardy

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Development of Setting and Suspense in The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy

The author of this story is Thomas Hardy. The storyis set in the 19th
century in a very close society. It is a rural setting in Wessex.

The story follows a couple that have been divoreced but had a child
along time before. The man of this couple gets married, the old

girlfriend attacks the new wife, Gertrude Lodge, and she received a
mark or scar on her arm from where she was attacked in her

dream by the new wife. As the mark on her arm got worse tthey had to
go see a conjourer Rhoda Brook is the old girlfriend of farmer Lodges
son. She is a very quiet person who hasn't got alot of money. I know
this because she has old clothes, pale skin and dark brown eyes. Rhoda
keeps herself to herself and and doesn't really seem happy but i think
that she likes to know about other peoples business, eg. the village
rumors. Her life

seems to be dull and boring. She works as a milk maid, then when she
comes home she is a full time house-wife lookin after her son and
feeding farmer Lodge. In society she is the one that everyone talks
and gossips about because she had broke society's rules by having a
sexual relationship without being married. She seems to be an outcast.
I think that what makes her an intresting character is that she has
alot more to her than people think there is. There is alson the fact
that she has no friends apart from her son. She must ave used to been
a goodlooking woman when she was younger because it says "and made her
dark eyes, that had once been handsome anew."I dont think that Rhoda
is evil, the only reason that she attracted Gertrude in her dream was
because she was enveyous of her, society is also to blam for casting
her aside instead of trying to help. I think that the way Thomas Hardy
develops suspence by makin the weather dark which gives you a sense
that there is something evil in the village.

The Redroom

The Red Room is Written by H.G.Wells in 1896. It is set in an old
house called Lorraine Castle. The story is about a man who goes to
Lorraine castle to have a look in a room called the red room, which is
supposedly haunted the last person that entered the room died before
even getting in the room. The main character in the story is the man
who looks in the red room, throughout the story we are never told his
name he is always reffered to as the young man which adds to the
suspense of the story. You also do not get the names of any other
characters and you are not propperly introduced to any of them, which
makes it very eiry when you are very much inside the story with
strangers as such, it also adds to the mystery of the house.

Wells' story is the most recent of the three yet the choices that he
made in it contents and setting deliberately bestow on it an almost

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