Development Of Speaking Skills Among Students Egerton University Research Proposal

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RUNNING HEAD: Development of speaking skills
Development of speaking skills
Title: Enhancing the development of speaking skills among students
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Speaking is one of the four main skills that need to be obtained as a means of effective communication when learning both the first and the second language. For instructors, especially those in the environment of pedagogy, increasing the confidence and competence of their students especially when speaking remains to be one of their most crucial goals. One of the most important aims of learning a language especially one that is foreign is for the purpose of developing a strong ability to effectively communicate with other people that speak that language. The main aim of this study is to analyze various ways of developing and promoting speaking skills among students to enhance learning in the classroom. The study will analyze the methods used by teachers to promote speaking skills among the students, which methods are preferred by both the teachers and the students and the barriers faced during this process.
1. Introduction
By definition, communication skills used in social situations refer to behaviors that are both verbal and non-verbal which people apply in various interactions and social situations (Timler, Vogler-Elias and McGill, 2007). Many children acquire these skills incidentally as they are very important for both their social and academic development. Children who do not develop these abilities find it hard to interact effectively with their peers and other people. It’s therefore very important for these skills to be nurtured and developed among all children both by their instructors in school and their parents. This enables them to avoid withdrawal during their school years and promotes creation of successful relationships both academically and socially.
The goal of learning any new language is to communicate effectively and the aim of being able to speak in any language is to promote efficiency in communication. The ability to learn any language enables one to develop these four important skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. However, this study will only focus on the skill of speaking. This is because the development of this skill leads to the fundamental; development of the rest of the skills mentioned. The ability to speak well is the main aim of many instructors who teach language to the students
Students actually put much value in speaking as compared to the other three skills therefore motivation is not much of a problem. The problem comes in when the students feel anxious due to their oral production. Oral production basically refers to the ability of the students to put their thoughts into words in a verbal manner. Teaching students how to speak properly is not easy and neither is it a fast process. It’s therefore important for teachers and learning institutions in general to put up various techniques and approaches that promote...

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