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Many civilizations show evidence of similarity and diversity in their developments of traditions. For example, in India, a tradition known as Karma persuaded people to do good deeds so that in their next life they would be acknowledged with a better life. In comparison, Chinese religions like Confucianism emphasized teachings of benevolence, loyalty, and non violence which like in India kept many doing what was right and providing more safety. There was however a diversity between the kinds of traditions in these countries. For example, in China there was mainly a single tradition which was Daoism but in India there was a tradition created from the dividing of Buddhism into Mahayana and Theravada.Many similarities between India and China existed, such as traditions that kept the people under control and unified. For example, in India, a tradition known as Karma persuaded people to do good deeds so that in their next life they would be acknowledged with a better life. This is important because karma kept the people of India more controlled and urged them to be good. This shows that because it was believed in so much, they made it one of their traditions. Another example would be where the Chinese religions like Confucianism emphasized teachings of benevolence, loyalty, and non violence which like in India kept many doing what was right and providing more safety. This was important because it too like karma in India kept the people of China more controlled and urged them to stay well-behaved. This shows that these ideas were similar to those created by karma. As a result,...

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