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     Should the stork theory appear in books on reproduction? How about astrological lore in expositions on astronomy? It would be unreasonable to even consider those ridiculous concepts. This is why the idea of creation should not be considered as the answer to how life began. Rather, the theory of evolution accounts for the creation of life. Charles Darwin is credited with creating the theory of evolution. Evolution assumes that all natural forms arose from their ancestors and adapted over time to their environments, thus leading to variation. In evolution, there are many rules the environment places upon the survival of a species. “There are many misconceptions that creationists have about evolution. A large part of the reason why creationist arguments against evolution can sound so persuasive is because they don't address evolution, but rather argue against a set of misunderstandings that people are right to consider ludicrous” (Isaak). Evolution refers to change, or transformation over time. “There are numerous ways in which evolution occurs, the most noted are Natural Selection and Adaptation” (“Evolution v. Creationism”). As Savage said, “We do not need a listing of evidences to demonstrate the fact of evolution any more than we need to demonstrate the existence of mountain ranges” (v).
     A very popular, although erroneous, argument given by creationists is that evolution has never been observed. Evolution at its simplest involves relatively minor changes in the gene pool of a particular population from one generation to the next (Savage 32). One example of evolution being observed is insects developing a resistance to pesticides over the period of a few years. Even most creationists recognize that evolution at this level is a fact. “What hasn't been observed is one animal abruptly changing into a radically different one, such as a frog changing into a cow. This is not a problem for evolution because evolution doesn't propose occurrences even remotely like that. In fact, if we ever observed a frog turn into a cow, it would be very strong evidence against evolution” (Isaak). According to Isaak, what they don't appreciate is that this rate of evolution is all that is required to produce the diversity of all living things from a common ancestor.
     Another inaccurate argument against evolution is that there are no transitional fossils. A transitional fossil is one that looks like it's from an organism intermediate between two lineages, meaning it has some characteristics of lineage A, some characteristics of lineage B, and probably some characteristics part way between the two (Prinze). To say there are no transitional fossils is simply false. The fossil record is still spotty and always will be; erosion and the rarity of conditions favorable to fossilization make that inevitable. Prinze continues, “Transitions may occur in a small population, in a...

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1988 words - 8 pages Berlatsky. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. At Issue. Rpt. from "Foreword." Voices for Evolution. Ed. Carrie Sager. 3rd ed. Oakland, CA: National Center for Science Education, Inc., 2008. v-vi. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 18 Nov. 2013. Glynn, Patrick. "Creationism Should Be Taught Alongside Evolution." Religion and Education. Ed. Tom Head. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2005. At Issue. Rpt. from "Monkey on Our Backs." National Review 51 (13 Sept

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