Developmental Differences Between The Us And Mexico

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Developmental Differences between the US and Mexico

Neighbors following a similar political course in the mid and later
twentieth century, it could have been thought that the United States
and Mexico would follow similar paths from their fights to be
independent, however, nothing more peculiarly different could have
been the case. Due mainly to the causes and effects of essential
political, religious and economic differences between the two lands,
one country would go on to become a superpower while the other would
be greatly lesser fortunate and remain in a state of unrest even
today. From the very beginning, the US was simply a very fortunate
country in the decisions it made; through its economic, political and
religious decisions, the United States of America was able to make
progress that would send the US skyrocketing past Mexico.

Perhaps to look at the development of these two countries as
countries, one must first consider their development as colonies and
the reasons for which each marched towards revolution. With the US
owing its allegiance to Great Britain, America supported Britain
monetarily, however, in return, that was the general end to
relationships with England. The American colonies were free to live
their lives as they pleased. With the happening of Prince Philippe's
War - or the Seven Year's War - this state of equilibrium was sent
into oblivion. Suddenly, the US was expected to quarter soldiers and
many colonists were even enlisted to fight for the Crown. If being
caught up in a war for which the colonists had no real reason to fight
was not enough of an injustice, the US became even more outraged with
the Stamp Act that Great Britain placed on its colonies. From that
point, though the Acts were repealed, the tensions that London's
sudden interest in the colonies placed upon US-British relationships
rapidly went from bad to worse, and as the actions of the crown grew
more and more outrageous, it suddenly became only a matter of time
before the US fired that "shot heard round the world."

Quite different was the situation of Mexico. Beginning as a colony
under the crown of Spain, happenings in Mexico were always closely
followed by the empire. Though there were periods during which the
colonies of New Spain enjoyed some of the independence that was so
prevalent in the US, particularly with the rise of the rule of the
Bourbons and their imperialistic rule, the Spanish colonies were
always fairly dependent upon Spain for stability. However, with the
decline of the Spanish Empire, the Spaniards felt they needed to hold
on tightly to those territories they still controlled, and Mexico
truly felt this cause and effect. In such a state of panic, Spain
began to reorganize its government in the colonies. From this point,
disarray began to spread like an epidemic as...

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