Developmental & Historical Information/Cultural & Diversity Information

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Developmental and Historical Information
Marisol mentioned on her intake form that she was the third child of four. All pregnancies considered “natural” which no complications. She was born on June 15 at General Hospital* after nearly 20 hours of labor. As far as she remembers she met all developmental millstones on time. Her family of origin included mother and father with four children. Mom was a stay at home wife so she was reared by her mother while her father was considered the breadwinner who brings home the money. Marisol remembers that when her dad was not home she enjoyed it but when he got home everyone including mom were on their “best behavior” and did not cause problems. Marisol ...view middle of the document...

Romantic Relationships/Sexual history
The romantic relationships that Marisol has been involved in where because she was getting “attention” at home and as such she got it from boys. The boyfriends provided “love” that she was lacking at home and was so dispirit to give she did not care that her two husbands were abusive. She stated that after the beatings they were say “I am sorry baby. I love you it’s just that you make me so angry sometimes.” This was a common phrase that she heard in her relationships. Marisol became sexually active at the age of 16 with her first boyfriend who was 18 at the time. She went to the free clinic for contraception because she did not want to get pregnant.
Peer Relationships
Marisol was very outgoing person with her classmates. Everyone knew her for her friendly hello and her smile. She never told her friends about her life at home. She appeared to be the “perfect” girl on the outside but was very lonely and sad inside.
Substance Abuse History
The therapist has no information regarding her substance abuse history but there is substance abuse in her family of...

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