Developmental Milestones In An Older Toddler

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Being a nurse is a huge responsibility, and that obligation is only magnified when, as a nurse, you are working with children. Children are very delicate and are not able to bounce back from serious issues like older patients are. As a nurse, you are crucial in ensuring that the pediatric patients you see are on track in their growth and development. A lot of parents aren’t really sure about where their children should be at and need anticipatory guidance and other teaching so that they are aware when their children may be in danger. Nurses are extremely important in assessing children’s developmental level because if they do not, that child may be hindered for life.
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Along with these things, he could operate snap buttons, and pull zippers. Along with this physical development, this child should be about 34 inches tall, weigh about 27 pounds, and have a heart rate of about 70 to 100 beats per minute (Hockenberry, 2013). Physically, this child is very on target, if not ahead of his target developmental stage.
Socially and emotionally, a two year old child should be doing things like copying others, especially adults, getting excited around other children, showing increasing independence, and some defiant behavior, they should also be playing alongside other children and playing some chase type games (CDC, 2014). This child enjoyed watching and helping his teachers more than playing with other children, and he always wanted an adult’s attention while playing. This boy also didn’t want any one but one specific caregiver helping him with a task such as putting on his snow gear. Judging by these three actions, it seems as though he gets a lot of attention and may have a problem being away from his parents, or becoming independent. This child was the typical two year old who didn’t like sharing, and always was always showing off.
Cognitively this boy presented to me as very smart. According to the CDC a two year old child should be playing simple make believe games, sorting shapes and colors, building towers with four or more blocks, and completing sentences or rhymes in familiar books (CDC, 2014). This boy was doing most of these things. He was singing along while the teacher told nursery rhymes. He was playing make believe with being a doctor and giving his shark puppet a shot when he was sick from the food he “cooked” in the play kitchen. This boy also was able to sort paper hearts by color, and put them in order from big to little. In terms of problem solving and his cognitive ability, this boy was very on target developmentally.
This child was extremely literate and communicative compared to the other children around his...

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