Developmental Psychology In The Film Mask

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I am a big fan of the film Mask, a psychological film starring Cher, Eric Stoltz and Laura Dern. Although, I had watched the film previously, I decided to re-watch it recently for old time’s sake. Additionally, I wanted to know more about the film and so I started looking for information on the internet. I stumbled onto a site that gave an in depth analysis of the film. Although it is a fairly old film, the story will move one to tears. It’s so inspiring and empowering to anyone who is facing any difficulty in life. It makes ones problems to seem so small compared to the character in the movie.
This movie was released in (1985), the film was both a commercial and a critical hit and went on to garner several Academy and Golden Globe Awards nominations. The film is based on a story of Roy L Dennis, who was nicknamed “Rocky “and who suffered a skull deformity at an early age. The boy had a deformity of the skull which was caused by an extremely rare illness called Craniodiaphyseal Dysplasia. It causes the cranial enlargement; and is commonly referred to as Lionitis. The film the Mask is an eye opener to many people who may have never heard of the disease or who may have heard of it but may not have come into contact with a person suffering from it. The events of the film give these individuals a chance to witness the disease and how it affects somebody’s social life and how the individuals suffering from it cope with life. It also shows how people should treat others suffering from the disorder.
Rocky, the main character lives with his mother and her boyfriend. Despite his rare condition, he is accepted fully and appreciated unconditionally by his family, including his grandparents and his parent’s friend who enjoy riding motorcycles. Rocky has a passion for baseball, something that he shares with his grandparents. Rocky is a fairly normal child despite his condition. He can feel, touch and love something just like any other child. This shows that parents should not discriminate their children when one is disabled or has some natural difficulties.
However, Rocky faces the true and harsh reality of life. People from outside his home who are not his family members and who he interact with do not treat him as a normal child. Strangers treat him with despise, fear and pity. Others make jokes about him, even going as far as referring to him as an alien because he looks strange and awkward. Many don’t want be associated with him because they don’t want to get the illness. This is an exemplification of the sad life that people with disability or those who are considered to be abnormal in the society experience. Very few people are willing to associate with them. They are treated differently and are often given strange looks.
When his mother...

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