Developmental Workbook: Chase Movie Essay

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Developmental Workbook #3 – Chase Movie
Through this month-long process of making a movie, many problems were encountered and solved, I learned countless things on digital editing, and I learned to work with new people. All these aspects contributed to the overall success of the finished product, and the wonderful experience I had making the movie.
Problems Encountered
During the movie-making process, our group encountered multiple problems regarding the actual filming. However, these problems were solved independently and together with my group to create a successful movie. And through the solving of these problems, our skills with using the Mac software increased.
1. Movement of the Dolly and Tripod
Originally, as a group, we had decided to incorporate over-the-shoulder chase scenes to add to the intensity and tension of the movie. However, we quickly ran into problems with camera movement. (Refer to frame 29 on the story board). Although it was easy to visualize the camera movement theoretically on our storyboard, when the actual filming started we found it quite difficult to recreate the stills of certain scenes into moving images.
1. The original plan was to have the camera person run with the actor’s shoulder, but we soon discovered that running with the camera was harder than we had anticipated. Because of our running movements (i.e. uneven gait) the camera shook uncontrollably.
2. We then decided to have the actor run with the camera on their shoulder. We discovered that not only was this movement dangerous for the camera’s safety (i.e. it could easily fall out of one’s grasp), it was also impossible for the actor to point and focus the camera in the desired direction as they were not aware of the camera’s angle when they ran.
3. At last, we decided to solve this problem using the tripod. This was also impossible. As the tripod moved on the pavement, it shook violently because of the unevenness in the ground. Our school’s parking lot consists of plenty of sharp, jagged rocks, and whenever we moved the tripod with the dolly, the camera would also shudder. Then end result was not even watchable – it was so blurry that distinct figures could not even been made out.
After attempting to fix this problem multiple times by using different approaches, we decided that out of all three ways, the first was the least blurry. As a result, to compensate for these blurry scenes, we decided to limit the number of shots taken in this style, and film the rest using different camera angles, all the while keeping the overall running scene suspenseful and still structurally intact.
2. Keeping Intensity in the Chase Scenes: How to Film Running Motion
Although it was simple to think of the chase scenes in the storyboard, it was quite difficult to maintain the same degree of intensity when the actual filming commenced. On the storyboard, the stills from the chase scenes are only representative of one moment in time, while during filming, we were faced...

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