Developmentally Appropriate Practices And The Preschool Child

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Wellness is imperative to a healthy life. Sometimes, people do not really consider what makes up wellness, they simply think of it as being “well”. Wellness may be a state of being “well”, however, it incorporates different areas such as nutrition, health, safety, nurturing, and emotional stability. People must be healthy in all of these areas in order to achieve wellness. This is not an easy task for an adult but definitely not for children. In order for children to achieve wellness, they are completely dependent upon the adults in their lives; parents / caregivers, friends, and teachers.
In order to achieve wellness, teachers / caregivers must model and exhibit appropriate behaviors, i.e. exercise, healthy eating habits, personal hygiene, emotional fulfillment, and knowledge of healthy habits. Children begin learning this at home first with their parents / caregivers. Teachers are the next important person in a child’s life to help them achieve wellness (Sorte, et al., 2011). It is imperative for teachers and families to work together in order to achieve wellness for children. They must be role models and set examples for children.
After reading and completing the assessment at the end of Chapter One, the author realizes that wellness has not been as much of a priority for herself and her family as it should be. The author sees areas where good techniques are being applied to teach her children to achieve wellness. She also sees areas where improvements need to be made. She teaches her family good hygiene, in a loving nurturing environment. She also buys healthy snacks such as fruit, low fat cheese, skim milk, and yogurt. However, she also buys some cookies and chips. These items are not good snack foods. She realizes that she needs to change some of the items that she buys so that she is not contributing to unhealthy eating habits. She also needs to increase the amount of exercise her family gets on a weekly basis. As a mom, a working one at that, it is sometimes difficult to put the amount of exercise her family needs in to a daily routine. That is why she will at least incorporate a good amount in to a weekly routine. Learning about wellness for children in the classroom has also benefited her family at home. She realizes the areas that need to be improved for her family to achieve wellness.
Nutrition, hygiene, and safety are very important factors that work together in order to achieve wellness. If people eat unhealthy foods that contain a lot of sugar, extra additives, and poor nutritional value, they are not only hurting their bodies, but also their minds. Children who eat lots of sugar will get cavities in their teeth, possibly gain weight and not enjoy exercising. That is why teachers must include all areas in their daily teachings. Teachers need to teach kids the importance of eating healthy foods, incorporating good personal hygiene, teaching them the importance of safety at all times, and doing all of this in a loving, stable...

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