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Developmentally Disabled Mr/Learning Essay

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Our research is on developmentally disabled MR/learning which is a broad group of severe chronic conditions (). These chronic conditions are due to mental and or physical impairments. Causes of developmental disabilities are from diverse factors such as heredity/genetics, negative pregnancy behaviors, infections the mother could have while carrying the child, and environmental factors while pregnant. Developmental disabilities occur in all races. Each year over 150,000 infants are born with a developmental disability in the United States.
Symptoms of developmental disabilities include delay in oral language, poor memory, trouble learning social rules, difficulty in self-help/self-care, and in cases physical characteristics. Developmental disabilities are usually caught early when the child is an infant and in their mother’s womb. To determine a disability this early a prenatal testing is needed. There are two types of prenatal testing. The first type of prenatal testing is called a prenatal screening.
Prenatal screenings identify conditions your baby may have but it does not diagnose them. Screenings are done through use of blood or ultrasound. The use of a prenatal screening proposes no harm to the baby or the mother. The second type of prenatal testing is diagnostic tests. Diagnostic testing is a for sure way to be positive of a diagnosis.
Diagnostic tests are performed when a prenatal screening shows a problem, the mother is over age, or past family issues occur. One way to do a diagnostic test is through a chronic villus sampling or amniocentesis. A chronic villus sampling or amniocenteses both carry the chance of miscarriage. When a developmental disability is detected early in the pregnancy the mother has the choice to not continue with the pregnancy or to make plans for the baby’s care and potential health. Treatments for developmental disabilities vary from surgery, physical/occupational therapy, speech therapy, special diets, and life/social skills training. These treatments are appropriate along with sometimes prescribed medications.
Having a disability usually involves having limitations. Limitations for a person with a developmental disability may include difficulties with language, posture/walking, learning, and expressing feelings. Having these limitations can prevent a person with a developmental disability from being mobile or physically active and from being in an average school level. With the treatments listed you also have the use of recreation through recreational therapy. Recreational therapy utilized the outdoors and leisure to produce therapy. Through activities such as gardening, basketball, board games, and social interactions those with developmental disabilities experience less aggression and improved physical health. Working with a person with a developmental disability in learning is also beneficial in their educational setting.
There are many types of developmentally disabled mr/learning conditions. A common...

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