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“What developments in science during the last two years have Influenced me and why?”
Science is the logic behind superstitions. It is the path which gives answers to those who seek. It is where the mighty become weak and the meek find their winning streak. Stephen Hawking, Einstein or even Edison never gave up; they sought what was supposedly impossible. Some were nervous wrecks yet rose to glide through the oceans casting forth a glow bright enough to illuminate the world thereby protecting it from the clouds of darkness that loomed over it.
Recently Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan, discovered how autophagy was related to Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. Though he is more than 70 years old and found his area of interest only two decades back, he did what he wanted to, “work on something no one else wants to”. And so he did go looking for lysosomes in Baker’s yeast and identify the genes essential for autophagy. Since the research on it is in early stages it might not affect us now, but maybe later there will be a medicine a path to relieve people from the pain and maybe a small way to deceive death for a while, which might help be prepare for what is inevitable.
Every one of us wants work to be done without effort and hence the need for machines. Yet again to receive the benefits of technology we need to develop them, look out for what is to be done, and hence one out of ten billion people in the earth develop something. Their goodness shines out through the work done by them for the world. And they did what they could that is unveil the wisdom out of the knowledge they possessed is what makes me admire them.
2016 Nobel Prize winners for Physics were David Thouless, Duncan Haldane, Michael Kosterlitz for their therotical discoveries of topological phases of matter. Years ago Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein worked on a form of matter which was extremly inactive and there was Sir William Crookes whose brain was crooked (not in the usual sense of the word, but meaning having plently of neurons which helped him have an I.Q. greater than most—having the presence of more number of gyri and sulci implying that he was more intellegent) who worked on the plasma state. Superconductivity is simmilar to Plasma yet very different as they possess extremely different level of entropy (thermodynamic quantity representating the unavailability of a systems‘s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work).
Superconductivity is a quantity which might help us progress by making maximum use of energy yet not lose it. In one way or another there are chances that we might live with Plasma to support our desires.
It was previously believed that superconductivity could not exist in thin layers. In 1970s Thouless and Kosterlitz demonstrated that superconductivity could occur at low temperatures and also explained the mechanism of phase transition that makes superconductivity disappear at high temperatures. Later during the 1980’s David...

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