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Deviance Essay

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In order to answer to the question whether people with hearing problems are social deviants, we firstly have to define deviance. According to the reader, deviance is considered as a violation of agreed-upon rules or norms. Now, we can view hearing impaired people, as social deviants because they constitute a group in which all its members have the same specialty. They've decided to detach from the society of normal people and create their own community. So we can realize that they haven't broken any rules or norms, but some of them were born with this characteristic, or others had an accident and became deaf. Thus, we can't label them as deviants. But they can be named as social deviants since they've decided to formulate a very self-contained society living away from the normal one, following some norms and rules that they have set. If we want to classify deaf people even better, we can say that they are deviants as being where you are a member of a group that is defined as deviant by another group. This dominant group is formed by «normal» people, who tend to define themselves as such and label others in abnormal terms. If a person wants to become a member of the deaf community, he has to achieve three objectives: identify and believe 100% his problem. That he is impaired. «With this way, he expresses to the deaf world his commitment.» (271) Identification can be proven very powerful for the psychological aspect of the deaf person, because he has the sense that he belongs somewhere. Then, the other objective that needs to be fulfilled is the deaf to share his or her experiences with the others in the group. These experiences do not have always to be complicated and touching. «They can be every day matters that they face in the hearing world in combination with being educated in special program for the deaf.» (272) When a deaf person shares his experiences with others that belong to the same group, they develop among them a sense of security andtrust and their relationships strengthen even more. The last...

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