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Deviance And Social Control Report

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The American society is one that accepts people for being unique and different. It embraces independence and individuality, it allows all people to speak their minds, believe in a cause or even have pink hair! Yet behind this curtain there still exists a set of rules that people believe in, and expect to be followed by all in general. The degree of these laws is spread out across a broad spectrum. They can be something as little as the way someone dresses or eats, to something as big as, the beliefs or values they hold. A child of age 3 is expected make a mess around him while eating; cheerios on the floor and spaghetti sauce covering his face. "Aw the kid's so cute" is how some might react to this sight. Yet if a teenager or a 30 year old adult did the same, the reaction he would receive is not exactly going to be something that labels him as "cute". So I decided to play around with this concept that people, in general, are expected to have basic table manners once they reach a certain age. I chose some very contrasting locations to do this and the results were exactly as I expected- not too good and very embarrassing!Trying to decide two settings to test this out was quite difficult since I didn't want the onlookers' reactions to be exactly the same. So I decided to eat at the Downtown location of the Olive Garden first. This place attracts adults who would be considered middle to upper class and as a result of its location; most of the customers were in black suit and ties, in other words, business people. I went with a friend who knew what I was going to do and agreed to play along. We walked in and got a table where we happened to be surrounded by many people deep in conversation, mostly about work from what I could tell. We had a female server who was very friendly as we sat down and looked at the menus. We knew what we wanted; or rather what would help us make our table manners as bad as we could stand- pasta. Definitely something that requires a fork. Only in our case, we were not going to use forks! Or any eating utensil for that matter; we've got fingers! So as we nervously awaited our spaghetti and fettuccini alfredo, we sipped our water- nothing out of the usual. We soon got our food; and so began our very embarrassing experience. As the server put down my friend's spaghetti in front of her, smacked her lips, she stuck all five fingers into it and stuck a few long noodle pieces into her mouth with a big "Yummm". Innocently I looked at the server who had a half amused half unsure look on her face. Now it was my turn. "I'm starving!" I said as I did the same. She asked us if we needed anything else with a very confused look on her face to which we replied "No thanks, we're good." and continued with our eating, this time with a few slurps thrown in. Reluctantly she turned around and left leaving us to now horrify the people around us. At first no one noticed but pretty soon we got a few stares and disgusted looks. No one however said...

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