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"Deviance In Christianity"This Is Sociology So It Goes Into Depth About Deviance In The World Mainly Deviance In Christianity And How The Lord Seesus Through All Things.

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Deviance in ChristianityChristianity is something that is looked upon as being a great religion among saints and followers of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This is supposed to be a religion of people who want to live their lives in the shadow of him. Our society has some way taken this religion and the followers of Christ and made a mockery out of the religion. This is showed in the daily walk of all the, so called Christians and ministers of the church. The word hypocrite has now been placed upon the church and its followers due the actions of some of the members. When one becomes a Christian they are supposed to kill all the old ways and take on a new life as a follower of Christ, but as this can be seen, some are keeping the old ways and just putting on a mask for the public eye. Given this to think about if you look into the church you can see ministers having sex with usher boys, and pastors committing adultery. This has now given the church a bad name in the eyes of others.Over time and throughout everyone's daily life we all will stumble and make mistakes that are looked upon by other people as being wrong, and if said so by them they would never do anything like that. These things that are done are called sins, (Romans 3:23 states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.). As a Christian you are looked upon as being on a higher standard than everyone else is to an extent. People see a Christian and think of the way a person should be. In most cases people don't think that Christians make mistakes like everyone else, so they are heavily criticized when one is made. This is discouraging to the person, but they should understand the responsibility and their position in society as a Christian.In this world some people are just sitting back and waiting for someone to make a mistake so they can say I told you so. This...

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