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The Alchemist
The Pilgrimage The Valkyries By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept The Fifth Mountain Veronika Decides to Die

And a certain ruler asked him, saying, 'Good Master, what shall I do to
inherit eternal life?' And Jesus said unto him, 'Why callest thou me good?
None is good, save one, that is God.'
Luke 18: 18-19
Author's note The first story about division comes from ancient Persia: the god of time,
having created the universe, sees harmony all around him, but feels that
there is still something very important missing - a companion with whom
to share all this beauty.
For a thousand years, he prays for a son. The story does not say to whom
he prays, given that he is omnipotent, the sole, supreme lord;
nevertheless, he prays and, finally, he becomes pregnant.
When he realises he has achieved his heart's desire, the god of time is
filled with remorse, suddenly conscious of how fragile the balance of
things is. But it is too late and the child is already on its way. All he
achieves by his lamentations is to cause the son he is carrying in his belly
to divide into two.
The legend recounts that just as Good (Ormuzd) is born out of the god of
time's prayers, so Evil (Ahriman) is born out of his remorse - twin
However, Evil - being very intelligent and resourceful - manages to push Ormuzd aside at the moment of their birth, and thus is the first to see the light of the stars. Distraught, the god of time resolves to forge alliances on Ormuzd's behalf: he brings into being the human race so that they can fight alongside Ormuzd and stop Ahriman taking control of everything.

In the Persian legend, the human race is born to...

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