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Devil Wears Prada Essay

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The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger is a Chick Literature meaning it a story about a woman for women or girls. It was written in 2003 and was made into a movie in 2006 by David Frankel. The movie, along with the book, is comedic and romantic. The movie is very similar to the book despite a few differences. The book was a huge hit because people can relate to this with the clothes, personalities, and experiences.
Andy, a Brown University graduate, has always had a dream of being a publisher so she moved the big city of New York in hopes of finding a publishing job there. She was offered a job as a second assistant to Miranda, a British editor-in-chief for a huge fashion magazine. Andy was not very fashionable and had little knowledge in the field, but she decided to take the job because this job could later get her into a publishing business. With this new job she is working long hours and her relationship with Alex, her boyfriend, becomes complicated. To make things worse; Miranda’s first assistant, Emily, gets mononucleosis and Andy has to travel to Paris with Miranda. While on this trip to Paris with Miranda, Andy is asked to do several hard tasks for her and she gets very stressed out. While still in Paris Andy receives a phone call stating that Lily, her best friend, is in a coma from wrecking her car while drunk driving. On the brighter side of the story, Miranda is pleased with Andy and tells her that her future is bright and that she will call a publishing company and refer Andy to them. At the fashion show Miranda gives Andy yet another impossible task from Miranda. With all the bad things happening to Andy she finally realizes that her family and friends are more important than anything in the world so she yells and Miranda and Miranda fires her. Andy travels back to New York and becomes a minor celebrity because of her argument with Miranda. Andy discusses a different position for a different magazine company in the same building she used to work in. Andy sees Miranda’s new second junior assistant who looks just as she did; vulnerable, weak, and unfit for the job at hand.
This story takes place in the present day in New York and Paris. This story is very realistic, both filmed and written. In fact, this story was based upon Lauren Weisberger’s real life experience (Friedlander). This story has its usual protagonist and antagonist and their conflicts.
The main conflict in the story is the struggle between Andy choosing to keep her terrible job or get a new one knowing she may possibly never have her dream job of being a publisher. Along this major conflict she has many, many more minor conflicts. While in Paris, Andy meets a young and upcoming writer named Christian and develops feelings for him even though she is in a relationship with Alex. She has to choose which guy she wants in her life and in the end she chooses neither. Andy is the antagonist in...

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