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I believe that the theme of this film is, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. The story gives the lead money and power. The lead finds out that he needs to pay for it with his soul. The director has a lot of ambition for the movie. He brings a lot of religion and ethics into the characters of the film by using subliminal symbolism. Even though the director tries to make a lesson out of the film, he makes the film with a lot of takes. This makes the film fast and very stimulating. Every detail of the screenplay is needed to make up the whole story.
Given the director’s ambition and intent, I think that he portrayed the story well. Subjectively, I did like this film. Even though the world is not entirely Christian, I believe we all have religion. Religion does not have to revolve around a god, but religion revolves around or morality. I enjoyed this film because it dealt around someone’s decision to do the right thing.
The film starts out in Gainesville, Florida. As successful lawyer, Kevin Lomax, has never lost a case. During his trial defending an alleged child molester in the form of a math teacher, he suddenly is caught up in the whole intriguing plot of the movie, that the firm Milton, Chadwick and Waters, a powerful firm in New York asks him to come down to help select a jury. After, he and his wife are treated to luxury on that visit, Kevin is offered a job with the firm based on his talent. He was given all he could wish for, in the form of a huge apartment and great office.
There are two main characters in this movie, Kevin Lomax, who is played by Keanu Reeves, and John Milton, who is played by Al Pacino. Kevin Lomax is a relatively good person, even though he is a lawyer. He has got a sixth sense; he has intuitions when he picks his jury. His mother is a devout Christian in Gainesville and does not approve of his life. She speaks at Kevin in scripture and he answers her back. He is not a practicing Christian though. During the church scene, you see Kevin go up to the church that he was once a big part of his life, but not in it. He is half in the light and half out of the light. He is a cool and cocky character. He knows that he is an unbeaten lawyer. His expensive alligator skin boots are shown throughout the movie. In the first trial they show him with these boots while he is wearing a southern, cotton suit. These boots symbolize that he is always around and his attack is never seen coming, like an alligator. Kevin is the type that is impressed with big money. He went to New York and was at the top of the food chain.
John Milton seems like a pure evil character from beginning. During his first scene, he is a mysterious standing outside of the courthouse. He then goes down into the subway. The next screen is the changing of the clouds and sun like days have gone by. This is very strong. It seems like he has a lot of power. Milton’s firm is very cold and austere with the architecture. The walls are made of concrete. His office...

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