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Devised Practical Evaluation For The Guilt

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Devised Practical Evaluation for The Guilt

For my Devised play project I was given the opportunity to work in
either pairs or in threes. I chose to work in a pair with a classmate
called Vicki Union because I felt that we worked well together and
always achieved to write a good, strong play. We were given the task
of writing a play based upon one of three themes that were set for us.
Theses themes were; Dysfunctional relationships, Failure to
communicate or a play following a structural pattern like
'Confusions'. My partner and I liked the idea of basing our play on
the theme of Dysfunctional relationships but because there were only
two of us, we decided that it would be too complex to proceed. Instead
of basing our play on just one of the themes we decided to base our
play on both 'Dysfunctional relationships' and 'Failure to
communicate' in order to gain more ideas and come up with a more
interesting play.

Once we had finally decided on our themes, we began to try and think
of a fascinating and gripping storyline that would be really
effective. Our options were quite limited because there were only two
of us so we had to think carefully of a play that would include only
two main characters. One of our first ideas was to devise a play about
a young teenage girl who was being constantly tormented by a bully.
But then we realised that this play would have to be set in school so
we would need many more people and a few other main characters. We
finally decided on a storyline that was both simple and effective.
After much discussion we came up with the idea of a dysfunctional
relationship between a mother and daughter. In order to make it more
interesting we also based the play on the theme 'Failure to
communicate'. We then decided that one of us should play a ghost and a
real person through a series of flashbacks while the other plays the
relation. After narrowing it down this far we spent a lot of time
thinking about how to make our play look as realistic as possible. We
thought that in order to create a certain amount of suspense, we would
not reveal fully what had happened and let the audience guess for a
while. We came up with the story outline that Vicki would play the
daughter/ghost and I would play the mother who was being 'haunted'. I
played the mother who was burdened with insufferable guilt after her
teenage daughter commits suicide in order to escape the horrendous
bullying she was suffering at school. The mother never knew anything
about her daughter Vicki's pain and anguish until the day she found
the suicide note along with Vicki's dead body. The mother holds
herself personally responsible for neglecting her duties and for never
noticing that Vicki was being bullied. The mother is contemplating
suicide when Vicki/ghost is drawn to her pain and tries to help her

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