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Devolution Of Society Essay

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Devolution of Society
Nowadays, our older generation like to fuss about how easy life if for our younger generation in today’s society. It would seem that way with all the new technology and medical breakthroughs. While technology has made lives easier, there is a price; people are not as happy and the human connection has been lost. Life was easier fifty years ago because of less pressure more respect for family values and teenagers were more properly dressed and well mannered.
The pressures in life today are higher than fifty years ago due to our high standards of living, fewer jobs, and increased materialism. Unemployment has steadily increased; people are without work and struggling to survive. The standard of living has increase from $5,000 to $50,000. Now both parents are working 50 to 70 hour a week to make ends meet, along with no time to enjoy life. Society has become more materialistic, we have escalated our needs. People have become obsessed with buying expensive things that are unnecessary, things they don’t need such as the latest electronics, expensive cars, and designer bags are linked to unhappiness and ruin relationships. Whereas fifty years ago, people did not have problems finding jobs, they could just go around the corner and get one. Also it wasn’t necessary for both spouses to work to support household. As a result, parents were more attentive to their children. Plus, people didn’t need much to be happy, they were more than pleased with their little house and white picket fence.
Unfortunately, family values have diminished throughout time. Nowadays, more than ever, families are being divided by divorces. Children as well as adult have become rude and disrespectful. Families in general have grown apart and traditions have been broken. However fifty years ago, divorces were not common and children grew happy with both parents influence. Families were more intact and their tempo of life was slower, therefore families could spend more time together. Likewise people were more at home with the idea of treating others as one would like to be treated themselves.
The difference between teenagers today and teenagers fifty years ago is drastic. In the past, teenagers were far more polite, conservative in the way they dressed and...

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