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Devoted Father (An Analysis Of Devoted Son)

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Devoted Father
(An Analysis of Devoted Son)

In “A Devoted Son” by Anita Desai, there is a great conflict that had arose throughout the story, this conflict is the idea of change. This story starts off with a boy, about High School aged, who has just found out that on a placement test, he has scored the highest in his class, which then earned him a place to go to school in the United States. The greatness that is showed, about their culture is how Rakesh immediately goes, and even though he is destined to be more important, and of greater status than his father, he still remembers where he came from, and comes to kiss his father’s feet. After going to the United States for schooling, he ...view middle of the document...

Soon he refuses to take the medicine that his son provides him, and abruptly dies. There are a multitude of stories and lessons that are provided and expressed throughout this story. It is not how these lessons teach people, but how they came to be and how the writer changed what she was going to write about, to appeal to a better sense of these lessons.
In the first passage, or the summary by the author of what was supposed to go into this short story, she went ahead to explain the subject on depth. She states that there is always depth to everything, no matter how simple it looks on the outside it’s a completely different thing on the inside, “Nothing is as simple as it seems; everything is complex, mysterious. Yet art—music, literature—can render it so that it becomes utterly pure, clear, and transparent (Page 1417). This is greatly expressed in the short story, “A Devoted Son” by how Rakesh the small boy treats his father, with the utmost respect, even though his life will greatly surpass that of his fathers, he still respects him, “The father said, ‘Yes, and do you know what is the first thing he did when he saw the results this morning? He came and touched my feet. He bowed down and touched my feet’” (Page 1421). Desai, went and accomplished what she strived to do in this essay and explain to people how things aren’t quite what they seem, until you read a little more into the story. You need to understand, not just know the story.
Second of all, Desai looked into her past, and used a story that she had heard about growing up to put a real, more intruding spin on the story. The story she heard when she was little was as she stated, “The old man often embarrassed his family by wandering about the street and accosting people with wild language and gestures. It was said of him that he had lost his mind when he had to flee his country leaving his home and lands behind.” (Page 1417). This can be seen in...

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