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It extends to they ways in whichconsumers treat the brand attributes. The second criterion is stability. Aakers' perspective that a brand can also be seen as a symbol may beparticularly applicable in the case of Dewar's scotch. In this situation, to suggest that Dewar's can overcome the myriadof challenges facing the brand and the alcoholic beverage industry byfocusing on characteristics that make Dewar's distinctive appears unlikelyto be successful. Frito Lay's distribution model and its willingness to stock theshelves for retailers if requested to do so is an example of how theorganization adds value to the brand or to a product. This specific perspective focuses on thecharacteristics of the organization and the value that can be added to thebrand by the organization. The fifth core criteria are trends, and for any brandupward trends in sales and market share indicate brand strength. Dewar's faced a number of challenges. The Archer model focuses a significant amount of attention onwhat makes a brand distinct from its competition. The concept of brand as person implies or suggests that certainbrands, of consumer products in particular, can be seen by consumers ashaving a unique personality. To the extent that they are sold internationally andhave international patents and copyrights, the brand is strengthened. An example of this would be the Frito LayCompany. After objectively assessing the current state of the brand, astrategy is developed in which the brand's value proposition is defined orredefined. This is accomplished by assessing the brand in themarketplace. The brand as product perspectivewill force Dewar's to consider how the purchase of this scotch will benefitbuyer. The Interbrand model is based on the idea that if a company can learnthe strengths of its brand in the marketplace that it can use thisinformation to gain a sustainable competitive advantage over itscompetition. It takes into consideration manyaspects of the external business environment. A new ad campaign was scheduled to be funded and introduced in Octoberof 1993. The second way that Aaker looks at the product is what is described asthe brand as the organization. In other words, the attraction to the brandgoes beyond simply the brand attributes. On the other hand, theArcher model seems entirely inadequate in that it offers only one possiblesolution to the challenges facing Dewar's. The model emphasizes theneed to find and exploit these distinctions as representing a sustainablecompetitive advantage for the manufacturer. In my opinion, the Archer model is simply not sophisticated enough todeal with the challenges facing Dewar's. Along similar lines, products that are soldinternationally tend to have higher earning power because of the highersales potential. For example, as asymbol of elegance and sophistication, ordering Dewar's scotch would linkthe buyer to these positive attributes. American consumers werestarting to trend away from hard or distilled liquor such as...

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