Dewars Analysis Of The Integrated Marketing Plan

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe Dewar's brand faces the real possibility of extinction if it does not act quickly to appeal to a newer, younger market segment. Although the existing target group remains both loyal and profitable to the company, it is aging and currently has no successor. The task at hand is the retention of its loyal base while securing a new one.The image of the brand must be preserved in the eyes of each respective group at all times; therefore, any promotional campaign must deliver a distinct message to each group and reach each respective group in a way that does not reach the other - a confusing image may alienate both groups. In both instances the messages will convey the message that Dewar's is a premium brand.This paper starts by analyzing the current situation and then goes on to discuss the objective, strategy and target audience of Dewar's brand. It then does a detailed analysis of their IMC and finally gives an opinion of the plan related to the stated objectives.Current SituationUnited Distillers (UD) is the owner of the Dewar's brand, and the leading international producer of both Scotch whisky and gin. The company employs 10,000 people.The United States is the company's main market for the product. While it is profitable, it is also the one in which legal constraints with regard to the sale, promotion and distribution of its product are most complex. The parent company has not supported its brands with new, cutting edge advertising. And hence the brand is now in between the maturity and declining stage of product life cycle.A 1993 Simmons Marketing Research Report revealed that the lowest infiltration of Scotch whisky was in the 18-35 age groups. It also indicated that the 18-35 age groups represented less than 28% of all Scotch drinkers but accounted for 36% of the population.In the United States there has been an ongoing trend to consume less and less hard liquor over the past 15 years. There are several reasons for this. Social attitudes with regard to the alcohol consumption have increasingly rigid and, as a result, it has become less and less socially desirable to consume large amounts of alcohol. The population has become more conscious of leading a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately for the brand, the consumption of hard liquor appears to be incompatible with that lifestyle. Alcohol, particularly dark spirits, are perceived to be higher in calories than light spirits. Politics has also made the sale and distribution of alcohol difficult and each state sets it own laws in this arena.Dewar's is managed by the Schieffelin and Somerset (S & S) group within the United States. In the early 1990s UD managers started to realize that Dewar's sales and market were declining. Jamie Prusak was hired about a year ago as senior brand marketing manager for Schieffelin & Sommerset (S&S), which is a joint venture between UD and Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), and distributor of Scotch in the U.S. She and her boss have...

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