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Dexter Demonstating The Weakness Of The Justice System

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Deanna WathenEnglish 102Mrs. M. Lamson06 October 2011DEXTER DEMONSTATING THE WEAKNESS OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEMThe popular television show Dexter conveys the main character Dexter Morgan as a serial killer who only murders for the good of society. In this mind set he can be viewed as a vigilante, or a person who takes the law into his own hands, such as by avenging a crime. Vigilantism is a common theme in fiction. It is often viewed as a superhero, such as The Green Hornet or Batman. The world calls for super heroes when there is a need for justice. The United States justice system is a means to bring crimes to justice, but often the justice system is corrupted or just does not work to avenge crimes and arrest the true criminals. If cops are not able to do their jobs, then the need for a vigilante arises. The popularity of the character Dexter symbolizes the American public's need for a more effective justice system.On average, two out of every three released prisoners will be rearrested, and one in two will return to prison within three years of their release. This is quite a number of rapists, murderers, and drug dealers being released out into society just for them to turn around and repeat the crime process. "Most experts would agree that the system generally fails on half its mission -- rehabilitating offenders -- and is only partially successful in the other half of preserving public safety." (Wexler) The criminal justice system today is unfair and broken. It locks up the wrong people in many cases and does not lock up the right person in others.Dexter Morgan hunts down these criminals that the justice system failed to lock up and goes about serving his own brand of justice. Some people would argue that he is simply just a serial killer, having no morals and killing people just because. The biggest flaw in this argument is that he does have morals. In fact, he follows a certain moral code, referred to as "the code of killing" by the television series. This code was taught to him by his foster father Harry, who was a man of the law himself. Harry went about helping Dexter with his urges not by stopping the problem, but trying to lead it in a more ethical way. The code's main purpose was to help Dexter with his urge to kill. The code includes two main rules. The first rule of the code is never to get caught committing a crime, since that would result in imprisonment and may even result in being put to death. The second, more important rule of the code is this: never kill an innocent, make sure that the victim is a killer, and is likely to kill again.Under Harry's code, Dexter can only murder criminals who have committed a murder themselves, and escaped justice. Harry realized what Dexter was when he was young. When this happened, he made the conscious decision to direct his violent habits in the name of a superior justice. He viewed Dexter as a way to try to...


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