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America’s attraction to crime and drama can be credited to the viewers desire to see good defeating evil: “In popular media, law enforcement is oftentimes presented being insufficient in upholding justice, calling for the intervention of a hero; a figure capable of recognizing and punishing evil without the restrictions of the law”(Dexter). “Dexter” is an hour-long American physiological thriller on Showtime TV. Created by Jeff Lindsay and James Manos, “Dexter” first aired in 2009 and has been the spotlight of Showtime since then. The show depicts Michael C Hall as Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst for the local Miami Metro Police Department. If Dexter isn’t at a crime scene, he is cleaning his own one up. In his spare time he is a cautious serial killer who kills other murderers who have escaped the judicial system. Dexter’s layers of personality, ability to problem solve and his ability to balance both sides of himself are what makes him an enthralling character. Although most people aren’t serial killers the general viewing audience can relate to Dexter: Everyone has different layers of personality and everyone to a certain degree has a dark side.

One of Dexter’s enchanting qualities is his multi-layered character: “Dexter is like an onion; His layers of personality are impossible to find, unless you slowly peel them back one by one until you get to the core”(Why). Initially, Dexter seems like the average Joe with a steady job, a wife and a nice home. Quickly viewers discover that Dexter is not all that he seems to say; he is a serial killer. The different layers are not pulled back by anyone, but rather himself. During a kill, Dexter becomes a vicious assassin, first explaining to his victim why they deserve to die, then without warning ends their life. When he is not in the “kill zone” Dexter is a kind hearted, friendly and sophisticated man. No one knows Dexter’s secret, except his deceased father. Harry Morgan (played by James Remar) was an ex police officer who saw what Dexter was when he was a boy. He equipped Dexter with a “code” to live by explaining only to kill people who truly deserve to die. Harry appears in Dexter’s daydreams giving his son advice with problems and helps him work through them. Throughout the show, Dexter’s character changes dramatically. Initially he is ruthless and cold, but when he gets married to his girlfriend Rita (played by Julie Benz) and has a baby he becomes more caring and sensitive: “It seems as if Dexter has an alter ego, but it is a constant battle deciding which side he is most loyal too”(Why) .Although Dexter stumbles in finding who he really is, his strong mind propels him towards success.

Dexter’s clever mind and off the charts problem solving skills make him extremely effective. Due to his fathers police background, intellectual mind and being able to mix his blood spatter knowledge with killing, he knows exactly how to...

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