Dexter's American Dream Essay

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The American Dream: the traditional social ideals of the US, such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity. Dexter represents this very well in the story Winter Dreams because it shows how he starts from the bottom and eventually works his way to the top. This is kind of an inspiring story because it starts off by having him be the best and most successful golf caddy that this golf course has ever had. All of the people that had him as a caddy were against him going other places and doing something with his life. Dexter made his own decisions and went where he wanted to go and he wanted more out of his like than being a golf caddy his whole life. In the text Winter Dreams written by Scott Fitzgerald Dexter is a worthy tribute to the American Dream he showed us that you can start from the bottom and have a very successful career ahead of you, Dexter showed us that if you work hard enough you can end up at the top, but you have to be willing to do the work, and everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful it is just the people who are willing to make sacrifices and want to be successful in life.
Scott Fitzgerald wrote the story Winter Dreams and in it he showed that Dexter had the American Dream when started from the bottom and made his way to the top and had a very successful career. The story started out with Dexter working as a caddy at this fancy golf course. One day he all of a sudden decides that he doesn’t want to be a caddy his whole life. He wants more out of life even if he was the best caddy that this golf course has ever had. He wanted to be a successful career where he could make a lot of money. So he went to business school where he learned to be a great business man. It makes people see that even though he knew that he was good he didn’t really show off for people or become arrogant about it.
In the story Winter Dreams Scott Fitzgerald wrote about how Dexter showed the American Dream and how Dexter was willing to work in order to get to the top of the money chain instead of riding on through life with his parents money. This shows me that he didn’t have to work because his parents could have paid for everything, but he chose to work and he wanted to make his money on his own. Most people who have rich parents don’t even try to work because they know that their parents...

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