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My Personal Story On The Challenge Of Being Deaf

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Imagine seeing people speaking, moving their mouths and not being able to hear anything. Welcome to the world of deafness. The journey for someone who is deaf can be challenging, but those challenges can be overcome with perseverance. Today I am going to share with you the story of my journey with deafness and see that if I am my disability. It is an experience that has shaped my life through body, mind, and spiritual matter.
First of all, when I was a baby, my Mom noticed that I was not responding when she called my name. Each time Mom took me to the doctor, the doctor said everything was fine. One time the doctor clapped behind my head to test my hearing. I turned to the doctor and the doctor told Mom, “See, he can hear.” When I was 18 months old, Mom asked the doctor, “shouldn’t he be talking by now?” The doctor said,” Boys are slow. My son never talked until he was 2 ½ years old and then he just started talking in sentences.” But, Mom didn’t give up. She took me to an audiologist to have my hearing tested. The audiologist diagnosed me as being deaf. This is where I was truly my own body, being deaf without a cochlear implant. My parents showed they loved and cared about me by not giving up when they thought something was wrong. This is kind of ironic because I was my own body and my parents wanted to change it for the good. Meaning that they want to give me a cochlear implant so I can hear.
Then, when I was three years old, I had surgery to get a cochlear implant at the University of Minnesota. A cochlear implant is a small device which bypasses the damaged parts of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. Signals generated by the implant are sent by the auditory nerve to the brain, which recognizes the signals as sound. After about a month, the implant was hooked up. The moment I heard the sound it scared me so much that I took the implant off and threw it on the ground. I screamed and cried because I had never ever been exposed to sound before. The information of the sounds was just too much for my brain to handle and it affected my soul, as it has left a scar on it. It had left a deep mark on my mind that when I was asleep if Mom put the implant on me, I would wake up and cry. I...

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