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Diabetes And Treatment Essay

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According to Krisha McCoy on her article: The history of Diabetes; “In 150 AD, the Greek physician Arateus described what we now call diabetes as "the melting down of flesh and limbs into urine." From then on, physicians began to gain a better understanding about diabetes. Centuries later, people known as "water tasters" diagnosed diabetes by tasting the urine of people suspected to have it. If urine tasted sweet, diabetes was diagnosed. To acknowledge this feature, in 1675 the word "mellitus," meaning honey, was added to the name "diabetes," meaning siphon. It wasn't until the 1800s that scientists developed chemical tests to detect the presence of sugar in the urine”.
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During your visit, your doctor will have you undergo the “blood sugar test” (Thompson). The blood sugar test will help “show if you have type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance), or neither condition” (Thompson).
After consulting about your symptoms, it is best to have your doctor clarify what case of diabetes you are corresponding to: if you are a patient of pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. It is through “testing” that “enables health care providers to find and treat diabetes before complications occur and to find and treat pre-diabetes, which can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes from developing” (“Diagnosis”).
The last part would be the treatments necessitated to restrain diabetes. “Treatment for diabetes is based on the type of the disease. (Thompson). “Once diabetes is diagnosed, there are many ways to lower the blood glucose and prevent complications of the disease” (Barrett 179).
“Patients with type 1 diabetes (pre-diabetes)” “requires insulin” (Barrett 179). “These patients inject the hormone under their skin, because insulin is broken down by digestion if it’s taken by mouth” (Barrett 179). While patients with “type 2 diabetes aim at reducing the body’s resistance to insulin” (Barrett 179), which would have patients “losing weight,” “controlling diet,” “and exercising regularly”...

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