Diabetes Symptoms And Prevention Essay

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DIABETESDiabetes is a chronic disease that appears due to the fact that the pancreas doesn't make the quantity of insulin that the human body needs. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, is the principal substance responsible for the correct values of sugar in the blood.This permits glucose to be transported to the interior of cells, so that these produce energy or store the glucose until its utilization is necessary.When this fails, it causes an excessive increase of the sugar in the blood (hyperglycemia). In fact, the scientific name of this disease is diabetes mellitus, which means "honey".Diabetes in the world· 383 million people have diabetes. In 2035, the number will increase up to 592 million.· The number of people with type the II diabetes is increasing in all the countries.· 80 percent of the peoples with diabetes live in countries of average and low income.· Most people with diabetes have between 40 and 59 years old.· 175 million people have not been diagnosed.· The diabetes caused 5,1 million deaths in 2013· In 2013 diabetes caused a health spending at least 548 billion dollars.· More than 79 thousand children developed type I diabetes in 2013.· More than 21 million mothers were affected by diabetes during pregnancy in 2013.Types of diabetes:Type one , which appears in persons of any age and is caused by genetic factors. In other words, it is hereditary;Type two , which one develops gradually because of some disorder in the person's organism.Gestational diabetes (GDM) is a form of diabetes consisting of high blood glucose levels during pregnancy. It develops in one in 25 pregnancies worldwide and is associated with complications to both mother and baby. GDM usually disappears after pregnancy but women with GDM and their children are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, later in life. Approximately half of women with a history of GDM go on to...

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2191 words - 9 pages diabetes. The onset of type 1 diabetes is mostly acute with children and in young adolescents; they may be present with ketoacidosis as a first indication of Type 1 Diabetes (Overview, 1). Ketoacidosis is a serious condition that can lead to diabetic coma or even mortality. When your cells do not get the glucose they need for energy, your body begins to burn fat for energy, which then produces ketones. Some symptoms that can occur for type 1

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2434 words - 10 pages Diabetes type I, Diabetes type II, and Gestational Diabetes. The symptoms of each are attributable to the effects and the mode of occurrence of the type. This paper provides an elaborate insight on diabetes and how it affects the body systems and metabolism. Moreover, it discusses how the condition can be properly prevented, managed and solved in critical cases (Glasgow et al., 2012).Type I Diabetes MellitusThis condition results from a metabolic

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2456 words - 10 pages . (American Diabetes Association, 2013) Objectives 1. Individuals will attend a one-day course aimed at empowering them through education and gaining access to health information to properly identify diabetes risk factors and practice diabetes prevention and intervention. Such prevention may include modifying behavior and lifestyle, which will result in positive health outcomes, which will minimize the probability of contracting diabetes mellitus. 2

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2419 words - 10 pages -mentioned risk factors apply to any person, they should be on the lookout for the common symptoms of type II diabetes. These symptoms can include flu-like symptoms, weight fluctuations, blurred vision, slow-healing sores or frequent infections, nerve damage, and red, swollen, or tender gums. The earliest warning signs for type II are said to be increased thirst and frequent urination, "because excess glucose circulating in your body draws water

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1178 words - 5 pages , so do the cases of diabetes. Obesity ratings of the United States have increased by 45 percent in the past 20 years. Diabetes ratings of the United States have increased by 32 percent over the past 20 years (Centers). When it comes to symptoms of diabetes, it stands as one of the most difficult topics. Symptoms fluctuate greatly. One person who might have increased thirst and blurred vision may be entirely different from another. Fatigue and

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1168 words - 5 pages What is diabetes? What are the symptoms? How do you know if you have this disease? What causes diabetes? And why is that while one form of diabetes comes from genetics that the other comes from our modern day lifestyles? These questions and more are what people want the answer to.Recent studies have been able to provide striking evidence about the link between type 2 diabetes and obesity that the findings may motivate even the most committed

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2207 words - 9 pages Over 347 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes. One in 400 to 600 children and adolescents have type 1 diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects that, if the trend continues, by 2050 one in three Americans will have the disease, and by 2030 366 million will be suffering from diabetes (“Diabetes Facts and Statistics”). Since 1980, the amount of diabetes cases have almost doubled from 153 million to 347


1400 words - 6 pages insulin. A person with Type 1 must administer himself injections on a daily basis to survive. Type 1 account for 5 to 10 percent of the diagnosed diabetes in the United States. It develops most often in children and young adults, but the disorder can appear at any age. The symptoms are noticed over a short period of time. The symptoms include increased thirst and urination, constant hunger, weight loss, blurred vision, and extreme tiredness. If


1411 words - 6 pages a facility where money is not an object, Caucasian males were offered more sophisticated methods of treatment four times more than African males with the same symptoms (Villarosa 3). Villarosa says, “We should not be losing men because we have not provided good care, treatment, information and education in a timely manner (2).”      Obesity is the main cause of the rising Diabetes epidemic in the United States (1). If

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3268 words - 13 pages problems in insulin action/-secretion or both and results in dysfunction and eventually failure of many organs. The general symptoms of this disease are increased thirst and polyuria,which means that within 24 hours there is a urine production of at least 3+ liters, as well as glycosuria,which is the presence of glucose in urine. Many patients also lose a lot of weight or suffer from blurry vision. If untreated, the worst cases of diabetes mellitus

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