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Diabetes, The Different Ways To Treat It

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Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar)1 . In 2011 The American Diabetes Association repoted a 25.8 million people in America living with diabetes 2. Diabetes is a illness that can be caused by the body not being able to produce enough insulin and or cells in the body not responding adequately to the insulin provided. Insulin which is produced by the pancrease, regulates the amount of glucose (which provieds energy to all cells) in the blood.
Diabetes symptoms start off with, urges to urinate, and increasing thirst and hunger. But when diabetes is not treated carfully and properly it can damage vital organs and lead to even worse conditions. People who don't control their diabetes well can suffer from, heart problems such as ischemic, eye complications, foot complications, hypertension, mental health, hearing loss and many more problems.1
There are three different types of diabetes, type one, type two, and gestational diabetes. Type one diabetes is the type that a person has to take insulin to manage it because their body does not produce any insulin 1. People who have type 2 diabetes, bodies does not produce enough insulin. Gestatinal diabetes affest pregnant women and is only diagnosed during pregnancy.
Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes 90% of diabetes cases are form type two 2. Many people go about their treatment of type two diabetes by taking insulin shots which they will have to take for most of their lifetime. For people who choose to take insulin to manage dibetes, they will have to spend millions of dollars over their life time becaue they have to buy insulin.
When managing diabetes most people choose to take insulin or some oral medications. Metformin is generally recommended as a first line treatment for type two diabetes, as there is good evidence that it decreases mortality. Routine use of aspirin, however, has not been found to improve outcomes in uncomplicated diabetes. 4 Insilin is injected daily into a persons body subcantanously. Because of body weight, height and other factors, the dosage of insulin is different for evey person depending on their blood glucose level. Metfrormin is a drug common drug used for diabetes that is taken orally (by mouth). It is a small pill taken daily, and it also helps...

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