Diabetes: The Silent Killer Essay

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The phone call early in the morning sends panic into her mind before even answering the call. Upon conversing with the other line, she is informed her father has slipped into a diabetic coma after having a massive stroke. Sitting alone on her bed, head in her hands, and her mind races for any hint of logic in why this could have happened. Last week her dad, Glen, had appeared completely healthy and functioning well. She thinks quickly of anything that could have sent him into this drastic life or death situation; completely baffled and amazed she rushes to the hospital. Amanda is quickly informed that her father hadn't maintained his diabetes, with little to no warning at all it had destroyed his heart and other vital organs. Throughout the past, Glen had seen no outwardly appearance of unhealthiness from not treating his diabetes and made false assumptions of his body.

His assumptions are the same as most Americans in today's society. Formed by their seemingly healthy appearance, they continue their lives as if not having a disease that kills so many. For many diabetics the saying "seeing is believing," has damaged their sense of mortality. Humans subconsciously feel invincible, and the "if they can't see it, it can't hurt them" mentality proves to be fatal. Other diseases such as breast cancer and lung cancer, skin cancer and even heart disease show signs and major symptoms that warn their victims soon of the severity. This reason giving the fatal way of thinking, that it is a less harmful disease. The question poses in medical researchers mind why? when more people die daily of diabetes related complications than the top three cancers and diseases combined. Is it any wonder that this crazy disease is called the, "silent killer?"

Not many people, even educated adults, know how diabetes attacks and destroys the inner most important organs in their body. Amputations occur daily because of blocked off blood flow to the legs, feet, or hands. Other diseases stem faster from diabetes than any other disease, most commonly causing heart disease, kidney failure, liver disease, and even blindness soon destroying the inside of the body faster than any person can comprehend. With every high day of blood sugar, or missed medication; with every soda drank, or bowl of ice cream it is wearing down the body. Although, it is done daily because of the lack of knowledge people possess about this terrible disease.

Diabetes wasn't well known about early on, but upon discovery soon received the name, "silent killer." Researchers didn't know the severity of the disease and strived to reach the public once they knew. The thought alone that there is no cure for diabetes, they thought would almost scare people into reacting wisely to the disease they possessed. Most diabetics, once diagnosed take care of their disease thoroughly in the beginning. Upon realizing that they are feeling good even though they forgot their...

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