Diabetes What Can Affect Us And Could Kill U Thinks U Might Be Doing Wrong School Essay

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Have you ever wonder how people have different types of diabetes mellitus? Well there is a difference. You have three types of diabetes that can impact you and they are type one,type two and gestational diabetes. These three types have different impacts in your life. You will be learning the causes,signs and symptoms,tests and diagnostic,and lastly treatment and prevention of the three types of diabetes. Although first you’ll be learning what diabetes is, it affects your bodies ability to use the glucose used as sugar found in the blood as fuel. This is because your body does not make enough insulin to use the glucose in your body to use as energy. Insulin is a type of hormone produced by the pancreas to regulate how blood sugar becomes energy. The imbalance of the insulin in your body or the resistance of it is what causes diabetes. Type one, type two, and gestational diabetes have different causes and risks and also even different types of treatments.
First there is type one which is often hereditary and unpreventable. In type one immune system mistakenly attacks the insulin producing the pancreatic beta cells in your body. These cells are attacked and getting destroyed, reducing the body’s ability to produce enough insulin and help blood glucose levels. It is mainly in younger children and young adults who are diagnosed with type one diabetes. It was discovered that a number of genes has a major role to play in type one diabetes but not everyone with these genetic factors develops it. Your diet is one of the main factors in type one diabetes. Scientists has detected that cow milk at an early stage is a risk at type one and breastfeeding for a longer period of time is better for the child. The signs and symptoms of type one diabetes BMI is mostly within normal range or low range. When you have type of you make go into ketoacidosis which is DKA for short. The warning signs before DKA is extreme thirst and hunger, frequent urination,rapid weight loss, extreme weakness and fatigue, and nausea and vomiting. The complications of having type one diabetes if not taking your insulin right is stroke,heart attack,kidney failure,high blood pressure, DKA, and ulcers. Treatment and prevention for type...

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